If you read into this week’s 1A story about the transition of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office into a new term, you can see the message of people coming together for a common cause.

What Sheriff Kevin Crook wants to establish through neighborhood watch groups, regional partnerships and people willing to truly help broken lives is contagious.

For example, Aberdeen Ward 3 Alderman David Ewing stood before the new sheriff and board of supervisors Friday, saying he wants to do his part in helping Monroe County Work Center inmates transition to positive and productive lives upon their release.

Be inspired by good works and good intentions and do your part to inspire others.

The work of any law enforcement agency brings forth both joyous and tragic endings, depending on the 911 call. As common people looking in at that career field, we don’t know the half of it.

The timing of Sheriff Crook’s vocalized desire for community policing and a county working as one to make Monroe County a better place coincides with the timing of a national message America will be hearing in the coming days – service.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted his life to freedom and justice, and the many people working to honor his legacy challenge us to strive for service to others.

In the coming days, there will be an awards ceremony honoring two upstanding Aberdeen residents – Cloyd Garth, Sr. and Barbara Ann Rowe, and Aberdeen and Amory will both host motorcades and church services honoring King’s legacy.

King lived in tumultuous times that went down in history. Even though the ‘60s weren’t a scar for life, the blows that decade dealt still left a mark.

We can look at our feuds and fights throughout the years here in Monroe County and see our own opportunities for improvement.

You don’t need times of tragedy and joy for everyone to come together.

Last year, volunteers poured out to help Hamilton and the eastern part of the county following the tornadoes. Last year, Monroe County celebrated the holiday season more than in years past. I hope you got to experience both.

Times like those helped us to pull tree limbs from victims’ yards with complete strangers and share the joys of the Christmas season eight months later.

As some have said in the past, one Monroe County community only makes the others stronger, so let’s all work together. Do yourself, and this county, a service and love and serve one another.

With every January comes a new year and a few weeks in, during MLK Day, comes a message that’s not new – service and unity. Eight months from now, don’t forget their importance.

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