Wedged between a spike in Halloween activities and the onslaught of Thanksgiving and Christmas events, it’s assuring to know Monroe County stands behind its veterans by offering an increasing number of Veterans Day events.

Schools, legion huts, churches and private entities are among those helping veterans feel welcomed and appreciated. An even bigger part of that falls on the regular person who isn’t even attending these events.

It was simple to cast a vote Tuesday in the general election. It was even easier to complain if your candidate didn’t win. Nobody’s stopping you from sighting a gun ahead of deer season or going to church, and those are just a few freedoms we often overlook.

It’s because of veterans we can appreciate things we’ve come to expect in every day America. Don’t forget to thank them Monday for what you’ve got.

Not everyone was compelled to enlist on his or her own or drafted during one of the military conflicts of the past decades, but everyone has seen how they’ve unfolded through the history books. What those books don’t capture are the sacrifices made and the families left behind at home.

Thank you for making those sacrifices.

For the cooks and choral teachers working out the last minute preparations for the upcoming Veterans Day events, thank you for what you’re doing.

There’s a lot of hard work, practice and sacrifice that goes into what you’re doing, and it’s appreciated even outside of the veteran community.

The students are making long-lasting memories through singing those patriotic songs, and there’s no feeling of service that matches providing for someone else.

Grits and gravy may seem like a couple of simple things, but the warm feeling they offer is more than just comfort food. Serving those who served is an honor, so thank you for the ones stepping up and organizing so many upcoming events.

Through the Monroe Journal, we try to promote as many events as we know about to help spread the word. Throughout Monroe County, there’s so much positive energy behind these events throughout the years.

Through the 10 Veterans Day events happening in the upcoming days that we were aware of, there’s a lot of positive energy. To the veterans, they’re all for you. To the organizers, you didn’t have to do them but you did.

To the ones outside of those two circles, please remember to thank a veteran.

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