Politically speaking, about this time next year is going to feel like you’re five leftover turkey sandwiches into wanting to forget about Thanksgiving food for a while. The way national politics is already tracking, it won’t take long for most of us to be just as burnt out by the time Election Day comes.

Even though the presidential race will probably attract higher than normal numbers next year, which is great, don’t be complacent when it comes to what’s happening here at home next Tuesday for Election Day.

August’s primaries ran like clockwork in Monroe County as the average 47 percent of registered voters participated the first go-round. Like many runoffs, not as many people were compelled to return to the polls.

One could almost predict not a huge turnout next week but if you’re second-guessing going to the polls, remember there is a lot of time, money, resources and work that goes into not just running a county election but being a candidate in a county election.

These people have their own lives and routines but were willing to take chances when they qualified in the wintertime to run and do their part to make Monroe County a better place. Let’s get behind that thought and vote.

As good as that first bite of turkey is on Thanksgiving, you’ve got to power through the leftovers until they’re gone. As much as all of the mudslinging and attack ads make you not even want to pay attention to some state political races, power through and cast your vote.

You may be 100 percent behind one candidate, 100 percent against another candidate or 100 percent disgusted at a couple of candidates, but don’t let any of that dissuade you from casting your vote.

It’s just a little bit of your time, a right to complain about the way things are or aren’t going and a free ‘I Voted’ sticker.

It’s your right as an American and your voice in making this county, state and country a better place.

We don’t care who you for vote, just vote.

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