AMORY – When Lori Forrester went looking to join a gym three years ago, she said the sense of community she found at Tupos Fitness is what ultimately drew her in. That’s why when it came time for owner Keri Pickle to sell, becoming the new owner was a no brainer for Forrester.

“I had always told Keri that if she ever wanted to sell, to come to me first. I was drawn into this place by the community, and I just fell in love with it. I’m excited to get to share that with others,” said Forrester, who renamed it 1529 Fitness.

The new gym owner, who is also a neurosurgery nurse practitioner at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, explained 1529 Fitness offers group workout classes focused on functional fitness, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Functional fitness-style workouts focus on building strength and cardio endurance.

“The key is to sustain your heart rate for longer periods of time while adding in weight training so that you’re building muscle as you burn fat, which amplifies your results,” she said.

Forrester thinks one of the biggest benefits 1529 Fitness has to offer is having access to coaches. Its on-staff fitness coaches are available to all members and provide everything from HIIT workouts for college athletes to range of motion and stretching exercises for those in recovery.

Functional fitness workouts have very unique movements that can take time to learn. 1529 Fitness offers a beginners’ class to help newcomers feel more comfortable before working into more stringent workouts. Coaches are always on hand to help with a variety of common workout woes, from finding the correct form to helping make adjustments to better accommodate specific skill levels.

“It’s not a requirement since we always have a coach available, but it can offer a slower introduction in an atmosphere with other new people, which can help a beginner feel more comfortable,” Forrester said.

Members of 1529 Fitness have access to guidance regarding their nutritional needs as well. The gym even boasts a snack bar for members stocked with plenty of healthy options.

“We offer nutritional support where members can talk to us about their current diet, and we will provide suggestions and tips to help, over time, make healthier modifications,” Forrester said.

She said the same community that welcomed her to the gym three years ago has also welcomed her into her new role as gym owner.

“The community here in Amory has been so supportive of our business. And we’re here to offer that support right back to you on your fitness journey. We’re so thankful for this opportunity,” Forrester said.

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