Let me start out this column by saying, I am still a little clueless about the sport of hockey.

But for about the past month, it’s something that has been featured on my television a pretty good amount (when I haven’t been watching the Cardinals or college baseball), as the St. Louis Blues were playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Wait – they didn’t just PLAY in the playoffs. They won the whole thing, last Wednesday night, as I, a newfound hockey fan, watched in amazement and squealed like a teenage girl with each goal scored in the decisive Game 7.

Anyone who knows me just a tiny bit (or reads this column or follows me on any social media) knows that I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and it’s because STL is kind of my second hometown. It’s my mother’s hometown and home to plenty of our extended family.

As much as St. Louis loves its baseball, Blues hockey is pretty big there as well, and I have been trying to follow it a little closer each year.

Never is a sport more exciting to follow than in the playoffs, and that definitely fueled my desire to watch the Blues over the last few weeks.

It seemed like at every turn they were doing something unexpected – there was an overtime winner in one of the rounds of the playoffs for them to advance, and then the Stanley Cup finals themselves were pretty exciting as they went the full seven games.

The Blues had a shot to win at home in six games, and when they had to travel back to Boston for the final game, I thought that surely it would be hard to pull off winning the championship then. That was one of those moments where I was definitely glad to be wrong.

While I’m a newbie and not a diehard Blues fan, it was fun to see all the ones that I follow on Twitter who are pretty hardcore about hockey be so thrilled about the championship.

It was exciting to see the city of St. Louis get together for a championship parade on Saturday (too bad a week too early for me to be there in person). I’ve seen photos and videos of those type of parades during the Cardinals’ last World Series title in 2011, and it’s amazing to see the city I love support another sport in the same manner.

Like I mentioned before, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to hockey (and plenty of other sports as well). I still haven’t quite understood what the term “icing” means, only that it is for sure a penalty. I know what a “power play” is (when one team plays down a man due to a penalty), but I still can’t recognize most of the things that constitute the penalties to start them.

I guess I’m at least a little more knowledgeable about the sport that my dad, who insists that pretty much all they do is pass the puck back and forth with no real clue about where it’s going. I’m thinking watching all this soccer over the past seven years makes me a little better equipped to slightly understand hockey.

One thing I do know for sure is I enjoyed getting to support another St. Louis team in the playoffs, and I am hoping my Cardinals can follow suit and give them another parade here in about four months.

Melissa Meador is the Sports Editor of the Monroe Journal. Contact her at melissa.meador@journalinc.com or follow her on Twitter: @MelissaMeador14.

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