Amory native officially named pro body builder

ALICE ORTIZ/BUY AT PHOTOS.MONROECOUNTYJOURNAL.COMJared Thompson flexes his muscles while holding the trophy he won in June, where he received first place in his class at the Junior Nationals at Nationals Show. This is where he received his IFBB Pro Card making him an official professional athlete. Also on display is the 2014 NPC Junior USA Men's Physique in which he placed third and the 2014 NPC National Championship in which he placed fourth.

AMORY – Jared Thompson officially  received his International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Card in June 2015 when he took first place in his fourth Nationals Show Junior Nationals. He is now an official bodybuilder.

It took two-and-a-half years for him to reach that goal, and he is considered young to have reached that climax.

“I started lifting weights when I was 10 years old to have a good football foundation. After high school football was over, I was looking for something else to do and while a freshman at Itawamba Community College and looking for a gym, I found the Power Gym and became friends with the owner,” Thompson said. “They got me into competing by telling me I had a good physique. I asked what in the world was a good physique?”

Thompson was told it was a category in body building that's a more athletic look instead of a body bulk look.

In 2013, Thompson competed in his first competition at age 19 and took first place in his class. A couple of months later, he won first again.

“After that, I hooked up with my first photoshoot,” he said. “In February 2014, I had my first book cover. Body building and modeling all join together since in both areas, you need to be in good physical shape. You still have to diet in both arenas.”

Photographers soon started calling him for shoots and after competing in his first national show in May 2014, where he won third place, he hooked up with agencies and started traveling from coast to coast in the U.S.

He continued to compete in other shows, and placed sixth in the North Americas Show and third in the Nationals Show. All during this time, Thompson did two more book covers. He has been all across the country for photoshoots, including Hawaii.

Thompson said body builders have an off season, where they have to put on a little fat to build more muscle. They have to grow and get ready for the next body building season.

His macro diet consists of carbs, fats and proteins, and he has to meet certain diet requirements each day. The diet consists of potatoes, rice, egg whites, grilled chicken and fish and ground turkey. Occasionally, he has protein pancakes. Nothing fried or greasy, including fast food, is allowed in his diet.

“The most important thing is diet. Traveling and dieting is not easy. It is still hard, but it gets easier as I go on,” said Thompson. “I prepare about 10 to 12 meals to go out of town, and take it with me. If I run out while I am gone, I have to find a place where I can cook it.”

Coming from a small area like Amory and Hatley motivates him in a sense to prove a point that it doesn't matter where you come from ot who you are. His mindset is that with God's help, you can do anything you want to do and set your mind to it.

As a child, he wanted to be a professional football player, which didn't happen. Even though he didn't achieve his original dream, he is still a professional athlete.

“Jesus Christ keeps me motivated. I have had doors open and doors close. I think where I am at is where He wants me to be. I am going where He wants me to go,” Thompson said.

If he could give younger people any advice, it would be for them to keep their heads on straight and their noses clean.

“Good morals will take you far in life,” he said. “Don't change for anyone or conform to others' ways.”

Thompson left for Las Vegas the weekend of Sept. 12 for the 2015 Mr. Olympic event as a spectator. There is not a pro show he can compete in until the spring of 2016.

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