Mississippi residents age 12 and above are now able to complete their Hunter Education requirement online. The internet course, Today’s Hunter in Mississippi, which is video narrated and interactive, is available on mdwfp.com. The certificate from the online course can be presented as a digital or paper copy to license vendors to purchase a hunting license.

This link is http://www.mdwfp.com/education-outreach/hunter-education/online-hunters-ed/.

This certification will be retroactive from July 1, 2019 for Mississippi residents age 12 and older. Full instructions to obtain your certificate are available at http://www.mdwfp.com/education-outreach/hunter-education.

Children ages 10 and 11 can obtain certification through a classroom course. Classroom courses are available statewide (courses will begin as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted). Find a course here: https://education.mdwfp.com/Web/Event/CountySelection.

For more information on hunter education requirements in Mississippi, visit our website at http://www.mdwfp.com/education-outreach/hunter-education/ or call us at (601) 432-2181. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mdwfp or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MDWFPonline.

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