Amory Christian Academy’s Noah Jones, Jack May, Allison Underwood and Bethany Colburn discuss their scores in between rounds at the state archery tournament.

The county’s archery teams competed at the state championship meets last week with Amory, Amory Christian Academy, Hamilton, Hatley, and Smithville being represented.

Amory Christian Academy won its division at North half and placed fourth at the AIMS State Tournament in Jackson. Their top shooters were Allison Underwood on the girls’ side and Noah Jones on the boys’ side.

Amory placed sixth in Class II at state with a team score of 3276 with Andrew Houston finishing 11th overall out of all classes with a 288 and Lauren Fooshee placing 15th overall for the girls with a 285. Logan West also shot a 280.

Hamilton placed seventh overall at state with Shelby Holloway being the top shooter with a 286 and finishing 13th overall and Paris Flanery shooting a 282.

“I’m very proud of my archery team because they have a very short season with me coaching basketball and didn’t get started until the end of February,” Hamilton archery coach Drew Garvin said. “Our first time to shoot was actually a competition, and we improved very quickly by increasing our team score by over 200 points by the next meet. We had two qualify for the AIMS all-star shoot, junior Shelby Holloway and eighth-grader Paris Flanery, and with the help of Mrs. Lachelle Bryan, our team worked very hard in the short time they had to get prepared and did awesome.”

Hatley placed seventh in Class II, right behind Amory with top shooters on the boys’ side being Isaac Heal with a 281 and Noah Heal with a 280. McKenzie Haywood was tops on the girls’ side for Hatley, shooting a 278.

Smithville came away with a ninth place finish at state and had Mason Blair with a 283 and Michael Smith with a 267 as the top shooters for the boys and Kelby Horne with a 279 and Karrigan Callihan with a 277 as the top shooters for the girls.

“I was very proud of my team as we had a young team this year,” Smithville archery coach Jill Horne said. “Almost half of them were new, and we struggled all year to get high scores. I was afraid we might not even get to the state meet, but they came through with some really good scores at North half and we got our highest scores at state. That’s the way it should work. They have worked hard over the season to improve, and their scores reflected that.”

Eight students made the State All-Star Shooters and will shoot at the All-Star Shoot in Wesson at Copiah-Lincoln Community College on May 4. For Amory, Andrew Houston, Helena Plum and Lauren Fooshee were chosen, while Hatley’s McKenzie Haywood and Hamilton’s Shelby Holloway and Paris Flanery were also selected. For Smithville, Mason Blair and Kelby Horne were selected as all-stars.

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