Ingomar Attendance Center Awards


Anna Beth Gandy


Carli Bridges


Jordan Gooch

STAR Student

Luke Roberts

STAR Teacher

Tabitha Dillard

Hall of Fame

Carmen Fuentes, Jordan Gooch and Luke Roberts

MS Scholars

Carli Bridges, Kailyn Freeman, Carmen Fuentes, Jordan Gooch, Carrie Rakestraw, Luke Roberts, Savannah Shook, Ethan Spears, Jaden Turner and Kelsey Whitehead

MS Scholars Tech Master

Caleb Starnes and Anna-Clare Weeden

Special Honor Graduates

Carlie Bridges, Carmen Fuentes, Anna Beth Gandy, Jordan Gooch, Madison Nobles, Carrie Rakestraw, Luke Roberts and Ethan Spears

Regular Honor Graduates

Sanaa Finley, Kailyn Freeman, Cameron Killinger, Whitnye McMillen, Alaysia Nesbit, Savannah Shook, Clayton Stanford, Caleb Starnes, Jaden Turner, Nathan Weeden and Kelsey Whitehead

7-12 Class Awards

7th Grade ELA w/ Kayla Weeden

MJ Bateman, Jaxx Harrelson, Miley Roberts, Shayna Crook, Kyla Parker and Jackson Robbins

7th Grade Math w/ Amy Chrestman

Shayna Crook, Jackson Robbins, Miley Roberts and MJ Bateman

7th Social Studies w/ Melissa Sprouse

MJ Bateman, Jackson Robins, Maggie Roberts and Miley Roberts

7th Science w/Jennifer Pannell

Miley Roberts

8th Grade ELA w/ Kathrine Downing

Natalie Holcomb and Madilyn McMillen

8th Math w/ Justin Weeden

Allyson Beard and Natalie Holcomb

8th Science w/Jennifer Pannell

Natalie Holcomb and Hannah McElroy

MS Studies w/ Andy Wilbanks

Mollie Grace Sheffield, Madilyn McMillen, Jacob Aaron and Landen Grass

World Geography w/ Andy Wilbanks

Zoe McGregor,  Hannah McElroy, Whitt Everitt and Natalie Holcomb

Drivers Ed w/ Andy Wilbanks

1st Semester - Cooper Hall

Government w/ Jennifer Nance

Anna Beth Gandy and Luke Roberts

Economics w/ Jennifer Nance

Ethan Spears

US History w/ Jennifer Nance

Mallory Nance

World History w/ Jennifer Nance

Breyden Bell and Zach Mims

Algebra II w/ Justin Weeden

1st Semester - Mallory Nance

2nd Semester - Quitman Hamblin and Eli Reed

Geometry w/ Jonathan Ashely

1st Semester- Swayze Browning

2nd Semester - Zach Mims

Geometry w/ Jimmy Flake

Rylie Ozbirn

Algebra 3 w/Jimmy Flake

Anai Fuentes

Algebra 2 w/Jimmy Flake

Anna Kennedy

SREB/Essentials for College Math w/Jimmy Flake

Madison Nobles

ACT Prep w/Jimmy Flake

Ansley Ladner, Kinsley Sprouse, Lexi Campbell, Katie Beth Hall and Rylee Reeves

Health w/Melissa Sprouse

Brayden Bell, Lexi Campbell and Larsen Jolly

Drug Education w/Melissa Sprouse

Zach Mims

STEM w/Melissa Sprouse

Sara Grace Moody and Dalton Seely

Foundations of Biology w/Whitney Ard

Noah Downs, Sarah Grace Moody and Cadence Robbins

Biology w/Whitney Ard

Noah Downs, Sarah Grace Moody and Cadence Robbins

Botany w/Whitney Ard

Swayze Browning

Zoology II w/Whitney Ard

Madison Stinson

Foundations of Algebra w/Jana Edwards

Noah Downs, Audrey Maupin, Ethan Denson and Kinsley Sprouse

Algebra I w/Jana Edwards

Lindsey Dillard, Ethan Denson and Kinsley Sprouse

Algebra Overall Highest Average w/Jana Edwards

Kinsley Sprouse

Person Leadership w/Jana Edwards

Anai Fuentes

Best Leadership Traits

Most Creative: Anai Fuentes

Positive Attitude: Joel McMillen

Honesty: Kagan Potts

Ability to Delegate: Caleb Starnes

Sense of Humor: Luke Whiteside

Best Communicator: Andrew Eaker

Confidence: Chance Jarvis

Commitment: Lydia Haynie

Anatomy and Physiology w/ Mike Conway

Katie Gullick and Madison Nobles

Physics w/ Mike Conway

Anai Fuentes and Ethan Spears

Physical Science w/ Mike Conway

1st Semester- Rylee Reeves, Gracie Morris

2nd Semester - Breyden Bell, Zach Mims

Chemistry w/ Mike Conway

1st Semester - Paige Boyd and Emma Bramlett

2nd Semester - Anai Fuentes and Mallory Nance

ICT I w/ Alex Rowland

Tara Sparks, MJ Bateman, Jaxx Harrelson, Jackson Meadows, Walker Robbins, Kylee Johnson, Made Phifer, Maggie Roberts, Miley Roberts and Ella Swords

ICT II w/ Alex Rowland

Allyson Beard, Mollie Grace Sheffield, JJ Brock, Whitt Everitt and Natalie Holcomb

Psychology w/ Alex Rowland

Paige Boyd and Raegan Potts

Sociology w/ Alex Rowland

Carly Thompson and Raegan Potts

World Literature w/ Tabitha Dillard

Jacob Aaron, Breyden Bell, Katie Beth Hall and Ansley Ladner

English II w/ Tabitha Dillard

Katie Beth Hall and Ansley Ladner

MS Writers w/ Tabitha Dillard

Shonna Hamblin

Creative Writing w/ Jennifer Pannell

Sarah Grace Moody

Oral Communications w/ Jennifer Pannell

Paige Boyd, Spencer High and Anna Kennedy

English I w/ Rhonda Worthy

Noah Downs and Larsen Jolly

English III w/ Rhonda Worthy

Carlisle Smithey, Caleb Ball and Katie Gullick

English IV w/ Rhonda Worthy

Nathan Weeden and Mayrani Guzman

Spanish I w/ Rhonda Worthy

Anai Fuentes, Joana Nava and Addison Pickens

Spanish II w/ Rhonda Worthy

Kailyn Freeman

FBLA Northern District Winners

Rylee Reeves (2nd Place in Advertising)

Carmen Fuentes (6th Place in Advertising}

Anna Beth Gandy (2nd Place in Hospitality Management)

Jordan Gooch (2nd Place in Hospitality Management)

Carli Bridges (2nd Place in Hospitality Management)

Breyden Bell (3rd Place in Introduction to Financial Math)

Tori Chandler (4th Place in Journalism)

John Frank Robbins (3rd Place in Middle Level Introduction to Computer Science & Programming)

Gracie Morris (6th Place in Organizational Leadership)

Anna Kennedy (4th Place in Political Science)

and Rylie Ozbirn (6th Place in Sports & Entertainment Management)

2019-2020 Perfect Attendance


Isla Edwards, Hunter Sappington and Corbin Tirado

First Grade

Thayer Goudy, Ali Beth Ross and Whitt Russell

Second Grade

D'mylo Cameron, Laurel Malone, Daisy Nava, Bo Ross, Charlie Scott and Colt Wright

Third Grade

Arden Nanney and Bristol Nanney

Fourth Grade

Saylee Glasson, Jacob Petty, Gunner Ross, Brayden Stacks and Bella Tiscareno

Fifth Grade

Jeb Cable, Thailan Cameron, Karley Jo Harrison, Mason Hood, SJ Jackson, Hayden McCord, Hunter Rasco and Hayden Scott

Sixth Grade

Cooper Ball, Kellan Johnson, Bella Phifer, Savannah Robbins, Gracie Thomas, Juaquin Tiscareno and Hayden Woolfolk

Seventh Grade

Gavin Glover, Cheyenne Hamblin, Kylee Johnson, Brayden Jumper, Macie Phifer, Chloe Phillips, Madison Phillips, Daniel Sheppard and Tara Sparks

Eighth Grade

Austin Jackson, Kylie Jumper and Skyler Robinson

Ninth Grade

Shonna Hamblin and Cadence Robbins

Tenth Grade

Camleigh Ball and Caleb McConnaha

Eleventh Grade

Quitman Hamblin

Accelerated Reader Awards


1st Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Avery Reeves

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Hadley Reeder

Silver Award: Willa Ashley

Bronze Award: Whitt Russell

2nd Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct

Mason Smith

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Miles Sappington

Silver Award: Cooper Grissett

Bronze Award: Ford Roberts

3rd Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Rivers Ashley

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Nic Inzillo

Silver Award: Brody Hutchens

Bronze Award: Rivers Ashley

4th Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

McKensie Wise

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Silas Rasberry

Silver Award: Natalie Davis

Bronze Award: Tahlia Keys

5th Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Hunter Rasco

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Eden Wilbanks

Silver Award: Ella Jolly

Bronze Award: Hunter Rasco

6th Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Maggie Nance

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Maggie Nance*

Silver Award: Janie Reinike

Bronze Award: Joseph Petty

7th Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Kyla Parker

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Lainy Floyd

Silver Award: Gavin Glover

Bronze Award: Shayna Crook

8th Grade

Overall Highest Percent Correct:

Allyson Beard

Awards for Points Earned:

Gold Award: Natalie Holcomb

Silver Award:Gracie Sullivan

Bronze Award: Madilyn McMillen

*Top Reader (Most Points Earned Grades 1-8):

Golden Lamp Award: Maggie Nance

AR Point Clubs 2019-2020

1st Grade

100 Point Club

Willa Ashley, Hadley Reeder, Whitt Russell and Macy Williamson

2nd Grade

300 Point Club

Miles Sappington

200 Point Club

Cooper Grissett

100 Point Club

Jett Adair, D’Mylo Cameron, Allie Crumpton, Sawyer Dodd, Channing Gregory, Haili Gullick, Titus Larsen, Ben Lindsey, Laurel Malone, Kloe McDonald, Daisy Nava, Ford Roberts, Bo Ross, Paisley Stout, Sawyer Treadaway, Carter Tillery and Colt Wright

3rd Grade

200 Point Club

Nic Inzillo

100 Point Club

Rivers Ashley, Meredith Bramlett, Lynlee Chrestman, Izzie Edwards, Lorabell Faulkner, Adalyn Hogue, Eden Hogue, Brody Hutchens, Eden Kelly, Arden Nanney and Bristol Nanney

4th Grade

100 Point Club

Sam Coombs, Natalie Davis, Baylee Glasson, Tahlia Keys, Maria Moreno-Delgado and Silas Rasberry

5th Grade

200 Point Club

Eden Wilbanks

100 Point Club

Ella Grace Jolly

6th Grade

700 Point Club

Maggie Nance

300 Point Club

Janie Reinike

200 Point Club

Montana Brown, Joseph Petty and Juaquin Tiscareno

100 Point Club

Curtis Gregory, Tristan Herndon, Maddie McMillen, Bella Phifer and Ella Weeden

7th Grade

700 Point Club

Lainy Floyd

300 Point Club

Gavin Glover

200 Point Club

Kamille Beard and Shayna Crook

100 Point Club

Marissa Bell, Kyla Parker, Lexi Rasberry, Evan Reinike, Maggie Roberts, Miley Roberts, Jackson Robbins, Tara Sparks, Ella Swords and Garry Weathers

8th Grade

100 Point Club

Natalie Holcomb

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