I recently took a drive at the suggestion of Mark Mathis, one of our pastors at First Baptist Church, and shot photos of crosses in New Albany and Union County. 

I need to apologize for not taking the initiative myself, but I was engrossed in my own little world, taking the same trek to work and home, trying to practice the social distancing routine like a good, law-abiding citizen, all the while missing some great photo opportunities as well as some profound personal testimonies of Easter. 

Thanks to Pastor Mark however, I hit the road on Wednesday afternoon and despite my late start, I still managed to snap two dozen photos of crosses in the area. I know that I missed several that had already been taken down and some may have blown away in the winds that swept through the area over the weekend as well. 

It also caused me to reflect on the fact that I take thousands of photos in a year's time, but I don't always really focus on the rest of the story going on in each photo. All too often, I'm just looking for the showcase photo, the "particularly stunning image that should receive special attention" as our Content Management System says when I drop photo assets with a story.

As I stated in my previous column, I thoroughly enjoy growing flowers and some of my most crowning moments of attempting to do photography is taking shots of my flowers while a bee or butterfly is on them. Not only do you get a stunning image of the flower, but you also get some truly remarkable and colorful images of the butterflies too. 

This serves as a good reminder that every day I need to slow down, enjoy the scenery around me and take in all the beauty of God's creation. I can see awesome sunrises from my front porch and breath-taking sunsets from my back patio, so I need to sit down and take those in. 

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." (Psalm 19:1)

May we all take this time of our slower pace to enjoy the beauty of nature and creation all around us here in our community.

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