After 12 and a half years of service, Ken Basil has officially retired from his Union County School District superintendent post.

The Union County School Board of Trustees approved his resignation from the position at its June 29 meeting and it took effect the next day.

"I'm very honored and blessed to have had a small part in the success of this district," Basil said.  "So many people have been responsible for these successes.  I would like to thank everyone that had a part, including the boards that I have had the privilege to work with, because they bought what I was selling, the vision that we had and allowed us to pursue these dreams. The administration at each school and their staffs were wonderful to work with and we all had a common goal. Our students are also just the best anyone could ask for.  I also thank the parents for their support."

Basil also went on to give a special thanks to the central office staff, including Windy Faulkner, assistant superintendent.

[She] is a huge reason for  this school district has been so successful; no single individual has had more to do with the success than her."

Basil reflected on the changes he's seen in the district's reputation during his tenure.

"Twelve years ago, our district was mostly known as a outstanding sports district,  but now it's known for being outstanding in academics also. When I first started, I would always get congratulations from other superintendents about our basketball teams or baseball, cross country winning championships. But about six years ago, I got my first pat on the back for our test scores.  Then we started getting calls from other districts that wanted to come and visit our classrooms and see what we were doing.  I swelled up with pride."

Basil said one of his fondest memories was the night East Union played its first home football game on the new field. 
"I had six older gentlemen, including Norman Treadaway and Jimmy Wiggington, come up to me and said the exact same thing: 'I never thought I would see this in my lifetime,'" Basil said.  "It still brings tear to my eye, because I've always looked up to them. It was awesome for them to recognize that accomplishment."
Basil said that he never made a decision for political reasons during the 12 years he served as an elected official.

"I had no agenda coming in, other than to make this district the best we could," he said. "We met that goal in so many ways, but we can always improve."

Basil said that, while it looks like he might be leaving at a bad time, he believes this is the best time for his family and for his district.

"It saves the district money, because my salary will be going toward something else," he said.  "When [the pandemic] started in March, it showed me just how much I put my career ahead of my family. We have our second grandchild due in September and of course my little angel Kenely, my granddaughter, I want to be with her as much as possible."

Basil said he and his wife plan to travel some and he will have long-overdue honey-do projects to keep him busy.

"My wife, bless her heart, she's put up with a lot and has always stood by me," he said.

Basil said God has blessed him throughout his life with his family and success in his career.

"God knew what he was doing," he said. "I prayed my teen years for God to show me the way and he has taken me every step of the way. No other way that anyone can explain a guy with average intelligence at best do what's been done. So all credit goes to God and the players and teachers, administrators and staff."

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