Boys & Girls Club of New Albany

Members of the Boys & Girls Club of New Albany enjoyed one last day of activities Wednesday before the organization shut its doors until further notice. The Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi is closing all area clubs at the recommendation of the CDC, federal and state governments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Boys & Girls Club of New Albany held one final day of activities before shutting its doors until further notice Wednesday.

In accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, as well as federal and state government, The Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi announced Tuesday that its area clubs would close to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

"It was an organizational decision to close," Marquel Conner, director for the Boys & Girls Club of New Albany said Wednesday afternoon. "We just don't want put expose them or put them at risk from the virus."

Conner said that while the area public schools are closed and have moved to virtual classes, the Club will not be able to help its members.

"We won't be able to offer any services until the schools start back," he said. "Alot of them have Internet access, but some of them don't. That was an advantage that we had with the club being open, being able to help them with that online access."

Conner shared a message with club members encouraging them to keep up their studies in the meantime. In addition, he said packets would be available at each of the schools for students who didn't have access to the Internet.

He said that while the club members haven't showed alot of concern regarding the virus, they are disappointed the club is closing temporarily.

"They hate the fact that they have to miss school," Conner said. "They hate the fact that they won't be able to come to the club and participate in activities and socialize.

"It's unfortunate, but it's just one of those things that's beyond our control," he said. "As individuals, we have to do everything that we're supposed to do to keep ourselves safe. We'll get through this."

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