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Action Lanes owner Wayne Dye stands in the bowling center he has owned for 21 years in New Albany. 

Wayne Dye, owner of Action Lanes in New Albany, tries to maintain a family atmosphere at the bowling center.

A lot of people drop their kids off at the eight-lane bowling center and know they will be OK there, said Dye.

He has owned Action Lanes for 21 years and said he enjoys being around the customers.

Dye and a business partner used to own the bowling alley together, but Dye eventually became the sole owner.

Dye is also the owner of Bumpers Drive-In restaurant in New Albany where he worked in high school.

When Dye first became an owner in the bowling center, he was not real interested in running the day-to-day operations at the facility.

“I just wanted to bowl,” said Dye as he stood behind the counter at the bowling center last week.

As the owner of Bumpers, Dye did not really have time to run two businesses. So he worked out a deal in which his business partner ran the bowling center, and Dye basically got to bowl for free.

But Dye had to take over the bowling center once his business partner left after a few years.

While Dye has owned the bowling alley since 1999, he believes the facility actually opened around 1958.

He enjoys running the bowling alley, saying he sees a variety of people there from youth to senior citizens.

Dye and David White coach the New Albany High School bowling team. Several other schools also compete and practice at the bowling center, including West Union, Myrtle and North Pontotoc.

The center is also good for church groups, companies and birthday parties, he noted. There are a variety of bowling ball weights ranging from 6 to 16 pounds.

Dye thinks bowling is a good activity for all kinds of people and said anybody can do it. He recently drilled a bowling ball for an 86-year-old.

“We have a few 80-plus bowlers in here,” he said, adding that he has seen a bowler as old as 92 and as young as 2.

He can set up the lanes so the ball does not go in the gutter when little children are bowling.

Along the walls of the bowling center are signs displaying names of bowlers who have scored perfect games. Dye is one of them.

“We’ve had some really good bowlers,” said Dye. “They like to see their names on the wall.”

There are also sanctioned leagues that bowl at the center. There are leagues for ladies and youth as well as open and mixed leagues.

Dye used to bowl in a mixed league but now babysits his grandson so his wife and daughter can bowl.

The bowling center serves hamburgers, fries, chicken strips and nachos and also has juke box.

Moonlight bowling recently started back at Action Lanes, and it involves the use of a strobe light and takes place on Friday and Saturday nights.

Dye thinks people have a good time when they come to Action Lanes and said Wednesday is Dollar Day in which games and shoes cost $1 each and food items are half price.

The New Haven Center for Special Needs Adults comes to Action Lanes twice a month and bowls for free.

“They really enjoy it,” Dye said.

The bowling center recently updated its electronic scoring system with flat screens.

Action Lanes also has a game room with videogames and pool tables.

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