Chocolate Yogurt Treat

Zachary Drury, 4, gets some chocolate yogurt at Brain Freeze in New Albany.

Justin Cobb of Pontotoc enjoyed some frozen yogurt as he took a break from riding his bike on the Tanglefoot Trail in New Albany on Friday morning.

“It was probably the best yogurt I've ever had,” said Cobb, who debated whether he should get another bowl.

He got the delicious treat from Brain Freeze Frozen Yogurt Bar in downtown New Albany.

Brain Freeze is next to AC's Coffee on the Tanglefoot Trail and is owned by Tom and DeAnn Massengill.

Nate Criswell of Pontotoc also enjoyed some yogurt at Brain Freeze on Friday and said, “I think it was phenomenal.”

Criswell had the California tart and yellow cake batter flavors while Cobb had the watermelon cream tart.

Other than the yogurt tasting great, Criswell said it is also nice that Brain Freeze is a locally owned New Albany business.

Brain Freeze has a wide variety of yogurt flavors, and new choices are added on a regular basis. There are even seasonal flavorings coming for the fall. About 60 toppings are available for people to choose from to put on their yogurt.

The yogurt is so tasty because it has real ingredients instead of just flavorings, said DeAnn.

“It's very good, and it all tastes really fresh,” she said.

But the deliciousness does not stop with the many frozen yogurt flavors and toppings at Brain Freeze.

Over the past year, Brain Freeze has added many new menu items, such as frozen fruit smoothies. There are also specialty drinks such as frozen strawberry lemonade and frozen hot chocolate. The frozen hot chocolate can also have a shot of espresso added to it.

Other favorites include shakes, handmade popsicles, brownie sundaes, waffle cones and affogato, which is ice cream with a shot of espresso.

The Massengills opened Brain Freeze a little more than a year ago, and DeAnn says the business stays busy.

“We just thought it would be something nice to offer the people of New Albany,” she said.

They love the location next to the Tanglefoot Trail and often have live musicians perform on the plaza in front of the business.

The whole family, including her husband and their son, Andrew, enjoys spending time at the business.

“Our family likes to be up here and talk to the customers,” DeAnn said.

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