Computing Technologies in New Albany has the expertise to help people and businesses with their computer needs.

The business opened in 2002 and has been in its current location on West Bankhead Street for five years.

“We had the opportunity to buy this building,” said Patrick Robinson, lead technician. “We’ve slowly gotten bigger and bigger.”

Robinson has been working with computers for 25-plus years and has a degree in electronics from Northeast Mississippi Community College.

Prior to working for Computing Technologies, he worked in IT for Ashley Furniture for about 10 years. He has worked at Computing Technologies for nearly 13 years.

He loves working for Computing Technologies, saying, “it’s different every day. I like the interaction with different people. I’m a people person. I enjoy helping people.”

He noted that computers can be frustrating for people, and it is rewarding when he can help a person feel better.

Robinson breaks Computing Technologies down into two categories. One involves the technical, networking and hardware side. For instance, Computing Technologies can go into local businesses and act as their IT company.

“We set up the network,” he said, adding that he works with different phone companies and Internet service providers.

Businesses need Internet and phones, and Computing Technologies can establish the network with all the equipment, software and security. The company can also provide maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

Robinson noted that Computing Technologies works with a ton of different manufacturers in terms of their IT support.

The other side of Computing Technologies is programming, he said.

“We also do custom programming,” Robinson said.

Custom programming is done for several different furniture factories. For example, programming can be developed to track furniture when it is shipped and to keep up with inventory logs. A full-fledged management software can be developed, he added.

“We can write a custom program that is tailored for your needs,” Robinson said.

In addition, the company provides many other services, such as website design. Computing Technologies also has a storefront that sells computers, IT parts, networking equipment, battery backups, cabling and keyboards. Computer repair is another service provided by the business.

Robinson noted that Computing Technologies offers one-year service contracts in which people pay one price and can bring in their computers as many times as they want for services such as cleaning or updating.

The company also has service contracts for businesses. Computing Technologies probably has over 50 service contracts with businesses in various areas such as Walnut, Oxford, Fulton, Tupelo, New Albany, Olive Branch, Collierville and Holly Springs.

The business even has a customers in Nashville, and one of the company’s technicians lives just outside of Nashville.

The owner of Computing Technologies is Junior Sanders, and he is a programmer. There are also a couple of other programmers who work with the business as well as three technicians.

Computing Technologies has also done work for local government including City Hall and the police department. When the police cars got computers and modems, Computing Technologies did that work.

Those who bring in a computer to be worked on are charged a flat rate regardless of whether it takes two hours or two weeks to do the work. But Computing Technologies gets the work done as quickly as possible.

Robinson said Computing Technologies provides great services, which is why the business has grown over the years.

“We try to treat people like we would want to be treated,” Robinson said.

The business tries to provide customers with the best information in layman’s terms. Honesty is very important at Computing Technologies. The business, which has “tons of repeat customers, wants people to save as much money as possible.

“A lot of our business is based on trust, and if you can’t trust us then we’re not doing our job,” Robinson said.

Computing Technologies has “very good employees,” said Robinson, adding that they have high skill levels.

“We know what it takes to be a good computer tech,” he said. “We’re not an entry-level IT company.”

Robinson said even after working in the field for 25-plus years he still learns new things because technology is always changing.

Computing Technologies provides high quality customer service, Robinson said. The business visits with clients on a regular basis to make sure everything is working correctly. Computing Technologies even built a custom app to keep up with all of its customer information.

The programmers and technicians at Computing Technologies truly care about their clients and provide a great quality of workmanship, he added. The business is competitive with its pricing and aims to exceed expectations, he said.

Being based in New Albany has worked out really well for Computing Technologies because it provides a centralized location. For instance, the business may have a client in Fulton one day and Memphis the next. And the business also has local clients it serves.

“We work with a ton of different companies here in town,” Robinson said. “Everybody around us has been really good to us, and we try to return the favor.”

The people in New Albany are great, and Computing Technologies is involved in the community. It is member of the Union County Development Association and New Albany Main Street, Robinson said. The business has also helped out in terms of getting the local ballfields set up with Wi-Fi.

“We help out as much as we can,” Robinson said, adding that the business also works with churches. “That’s one thing I really enjoy doing because I’m very active in my church. We try to help out churches as much as possible.”

Robinson attends Sanctuary church in New Albany, and he and his wife, Bridget, have a 5-month-old son Nash.

He also started a side business called Blend Media, which provides artwork, logo design and videography. Setting up multimedia for churches is something else he does.

Robinson is also a big music fan and has played drums since he was 5 years old.

“I like all styles of music,” he said.

Computing Technologies is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be reached at 662-534-4019.  Those who have questions about computers, upgrading, networking or software, should contact Computing Technologies, and “we’ll try to help them out.”

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