Dirt Roads Back Home

Dirt Roads Back Home in New Albany sells top quality merchandise at great prices, said Scott and Wanda Holt.

A new store called Dirt Roads Back Home has opened in New Albany and sells antique furniture and other items.

Owner Wanda Holt said she named the business Dirt Roads Back Home because “it’s where I came from.”

The business, which opened this month, also has modern furniture in addition to antiques. The merchandise comes from Memphis estate sales, and there is always new stuff coming in.

It is located at 520 W. Bankhead St.

Holt wants the store to always have fresh merchandise to keep it interesting for customers. It is a “bore” when a business always has the same items, she added.

“You’ve got to change it up to keep people coming,” she said.

Soon she will start decorating the business for Christmas.

China cabinets, dining room tables and chairs, bedroom suites, sofas, love seats and home décor are among the items in the large store. Just about anything someone would need for a house is for sale at the business.

“We get a variety of everything,” said Wanda’s husband, Scott.

Shoppers can find everything from a grandfather clock to fur coats to a baby crib at Dirt Roads Back Home. Wagon wheels, dollhouses and patio furniture are other items.

Wanda and Scott, who both live in New Albany, said they have the best prices and that everything is top quality. Wanda said Dirt Roads Back Home carries the “finer pieces” and is not a “junk store.”

Wanda said she enjoys the antique business because, “you never know what you’re going to find.” She and Scott have been in the line of work for about 10 years. It was her dream to have a vintage antique store.

Dirt Roads Back Home is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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