Gym Vibez

Gym Vibez in downtown New Albany offers a total body workout.

A new gym has opened in downtown New Albany.

Gym Vibez on West Bankhead Street offers a home gym environment, said owners Shane Butler and Angelique Ratliff. Butler and Ratliff are both certified personal trainers.

Gym Vibez offers one-on-one workouts as well as group classes. The gym, which is based on functional fitness, has a variety of equipment and offers a total body workout.

No workout is ever the same at Gym Vibez. Workouts are switched up so the body does not get used to a certain type of exercise.

“You may come in for three straight weeks and have different workouts,” said Ratliff.

But the workouts are targeted to help people reach their goals.

Butler said many people go to the gym and get intimidated because they don’t know what to do. But he and Ratliff use their expertise to give people the best and quickest workouts so they can achieve maximum results. Gym Vibez takes the guesswork out of working out, Ratliff added.

One piece of equipment is called a four-way system, and it can work arms, legs, the back and shoulders. It keeps the heart rate up to burn body fat and also builds lean muscle mass.

“It’s a multi-unit system where you can work a whole bunch of different body parts on one machine,” Ratliff said.

A number of different classes are offered at Gym Vibez, such as boot camp classes, fat burning classes, yoga and sports training. Pound classes in which participants hold neon green sticks are also offered. It is a non-stop aerobic workout that features different styles of music. Pound classes work the full body and burn calories.

“You can work out with your friends or family because we do group training,” Ratliff said. “We also do private one-on-one sessions.”

There are different time slots for classes, including morning, midday and afternoon, and there are very good rates for the classes, said Butler. Gym Vibez can also help people with diet plans.

There are also workout sessions available for youth and senior citizens. Butler said fitness is a lifestyle, and Gym Vibez wants to make exercise fun.

They said they opened a gym in New Albany because it is a centralized location to other areas such as Ripley, Tupelo, Pontotoc and Oxford. Moreover, Ratliff noted that New Albany is a growing town with a lot of potential.

People can get a combination of cardio and strength training at Gym Vibez, said Ratliff, who has more than 15 years of experience in fitness. She has experience with spin classes, pilates and strength training.

Butler played basketball at Tupelo High School and for Blue Mountain College and also played in Europe. He has also coached basketball on the college level. He said he wants to use the tools he has learned to help Mississippi catch up in terms of fitness, which can prolong one’s life.

Butler noted that he and Ratliff make a great team because she is focused more on the strength side and helping women while he works more on the sports side of fitness.

This is a good time of year to start working out, said Ratliff, noting that summer is just around the corner and many people are trying to get ready for vacations and the swimsuit season.

The gym underwent an extensive remodel and looks totally different now, said Ratliff.

“We’re pretty pleased with it,” she said, adding that it is also good to be in the downtown area.

For more information about Gym Vibez visit them on Facebook or Instagram or call 662-587-3474 or 662-321-2930. Questions can also be emailed to

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