New pharmacy to open

Barry Robbins, who has been a pharmacist in New Albany for 40 years, stands in front of the building that will house the new pharmacy.

A new pharmacy will soon open in New Albany.

The former Mi Pueblo restaurant building on West Bankhead Street is currently being remodeled for the pharmacy.

It will be partly owned by longtime New Albany pharmacist Barry Robbins. He has been a pharmacist in New Albany for 40 years.

Most recently Robbins was a pharmacist with Fred's in New Albany for 18 years.

The Fred's pharmacy in downtown New Albany closed last November, but Robbins was not ready to retire. So he teamed up with Rick Chambers of Memphis, a former Fred's corporate employee, to open the new pharmacy.

“I'm just not ready to give it up yet,” said Robbins.

The new pharmacy, which will be called Getwell, is expected to open in early to mid November. It's basically going to be an independent pharmacy and will be focused on customer service, said Robbins. There is a need for another pharmacy in New Albany, he said, adding, “We'll still be a hometown pharmacy.”

He expects there to be two full-time pharmacists, and possibly a part-time pharmacist. There will also be a few pharmacy technicians.

Robbins noted that the pharmacy will be in an “ideal location” near other medical facilities and will also be an extension of the downtown.

In addition to filling prescriptions, the pharmacy will also offer over-the-counter medications and provide shots. There will be a drive-through, and there may also be some gift items for sale.

The contractor on the project is Carpe Diem Holdings of New Albany.

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