MODA Designs

Emily Forman, left, and Tabatha Coker are the owners of MODA Designs in downtown New Albany.

Emily Forman has always loved making things pretty ever since she was a little girl.

Now she does that for a living as one of the owners of MODA Designs in New Albany.

She and Tabatha Coker operate the business located at 139 A West Bankhead St.

Forman has a degree in interior design, and Coker is a seamstress.

MODA Designs has been open for 10 years and helps clients design their homes in appealing ways.

Coker makes custom drapery and bedding while Forman helps clients select paint, flooring, fabrics and accessories. Forman can also help the clients choose bedding, draperies and furniture.

“We can offer anything the homeowner needs,” Forman said. “We can do any style that the client asks for.”

MODA Designs can “totally transform” the look of a house, and Forman said, “it is a fun process.” Redesigning a floorplan can give a home a better flow, she noted.

Seeing clients satisfied with the results of a project is “everything,” Forman said, adding that she has seen people cry when they view the finished product. She sees this type of work as a form of art.

Forman worked on an older home and took out some of the walls to open up the kitchen, dining room, and living room. A master bedroom with a closet and bathroom were also added.

The business can work on new construction as well as existing homes.

The business sells furniture, lighting, pillows, bedding, curtains, rugs and accessories. Gift items, including jewelry, candles and bath items are also available.

Clients who do business with MODA Designs leave feeling much better and more relaxed, said Forman. And in the end they do not spend as much money as they thought they would. Clients find the guidance they receive from MODA Designs very helpful, she said.

Forman often starts a project by going to the home and coming up with a floorplan to present to the contractor. The homeowner would then receive an estimate on the cost of the project.

Some clients come in with pictures of their homes, and Forman will look at the photos to determine where she would put drapes, rugs, lamps, tables and sofas.

Clients who buy all their products from MODA Designs do not have to pay the hourly fee for Forman’s interior design services.

 “We’re the most affordable for the best product, and I think it’s a good experience,” said Forman.

She said clients have a very positive experience working with MODA Designs and say it was well worth the cost.

Furthermore, Forman said Coker does great work as a seamstress. The quality of the tailoring and fabric really stand out, she added.

 “We have a lot of different fabrics,” Forman said, adding that there are very high-end products as well as more average-priced selections.

 “It just depends on what the client wants,” she said.

In terms of why people would want to redesign their homes, Forman said it makes her happy when she does not have to look at outdated décor or wall colors.

When she designs a home, she tries to give the major components of the house a classic design that will not go out of style.  

She recently worked on a kitchen that was a “U” shape and changed it to an “L” shape and added an island. New cabinets, new paint and new flooring were also added.

 “It looks really good,” she said.

MODA Designs loves being based in New Albany, and Forman says the community has really supported the business, which also does work in Tupelo and Memphis.

MODA Designs, which can do small jobs as well as large, can be reached at 662-538-1740.

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