Cooper Electrical Controls of New Albany is making metal nose pieces for face masks.

The president of a New Albany company said it is rewarding to provide assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m glad to help out during this crisis,” said Gary Cooper, president of Cooper Electrical Controls. “We’re glad to do what we can.”

The company, which is located on Sam T. Barkley Drive, is making metal pieces that help secure and seal face masks around the nose.

Cooper Electrical Controls started making the nose pieces last week and has already made about 100,000, said Cooper.

“We’re just trying to help out because there became such a shortage of medical masks,” he said.

He said Cooper Electrical Controls was contacted by a local company that is making medical masks.

The metal nose pieces are being sent to people who are making masks, and most of them have gone to the Tupelo area. The nose pieces are sewn to the inside of the mask and bend to fit the shape of an individual’s nose.

Cooper Electrical Controls, which has been in business more than two decades, had to build a machine to make the metal nose pieces.

“We had to rely on our team of talent to put that together,” Cooper said, adding that he feels blessed to make a contribution to the coronavirus fight.

He hopes the coronavirus situation does not last much longer.

“We want to get back to building equipment,” Cooper said. “We want the economy to get back to where it needs to be . . .”

He said his business has “slowed down” as a result of the coronavirus but “so far we’ve been able to keep our people working.”

But he does not know what the future holds in terms of the coronavirus. In the meantime, Cooper Electrical Controls will keep making the metal nose bars “as long as somebody needs them.”

Cooper Electrical Controls designs and builds custom equipment for manufacturers.

“Everything we build is custom equipment,” said Cooper. “We build equipment that helps manufacturers build their products.”

The company employs a “great team” of engineers and designers, Cooper added.

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