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Main Street Linen Company owner Beverly Hall looks through merchandise at her store. She is looking forward to the sales tax free weekend Friday and Saturday. 

The Mississippi sales tax holiday is this Friday and Saturday.

During the sales tax holiday, sales taxes are not due on clothing, footwear or school supplies.

However, sales taxes are still due on items that cost $100 or more.

Downtown New Albany merchants said they are looking forward to the sales tax free weekend.

Denise Owen, owner of Two Doors Down, said, “Normally we have a really good turnout . . . I think we will this time as well.”

Two Doors Down will have a tent up outside the store during the event. In addition to the break on sales tax, Two Doors Down will also have sales going on as well.

“We’re expecting a good weekend,” said Owen. “We’re very optimistic.”

Tommy Sappington, owner of Sappington’s, said he does not know what to expect from the sales tax free weekend. He noted that there is a lot of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

“I just try to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised,” Sappington said.

He said his store will probably have some specials to go along with the sales tax break.

Main Street Linen Company owner Beverly Hall said she is excited about the sales tax free weekend.

“We’re expecting a great turnout,” said Hall.

She said she thinks people will be excited to have a break on sales taxes when they purchase their back to school clothing. On top of the sales tax break, there are also other sales going on at Main Street Linen Company, Hall noted.

“It’s going to be double the benefit this weekend,” she said. “We can get them ready for school.”

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