Scott’s Auto Repair in New Albany works on all makes and models of vehicles.

“We’ve been in business for about 15 years,” said Richard Scott, owner of Scott’s Auto Repair, which is located at 305 State Highway 30 West.

Scott loves the location of his business, saying a lot of traffic goes by, and he is an area where he can be easily seen.

“It’s great,” he said, adding that the business has a friendly staff.

He has been in the current location for about five years.

Most jobs can be done quickly, and the work holds up well, Scott said. One of Scott’s sons, Brently Scott, works with him at the business, and there is also another employee named Chris Mccullough. Scott’s Auto Repair can work on foreign and domestic vehicles.

Scott, who grew up in New Albany and attended West Union Attendance Center, also has two other sons named Brayden and Brandon.

Scott’s Auto Repair stays busy, said Scott, who has been working on vehicles close to 30 years.

“I went to a couple of schools and just learned mostly hands on,” he said.

He noted that he went to an auto repair school in St. Louis, Mo. and has taken other classes as well.

Scott’s Auto Repair offers many services, including alignments, brakes, major mechanic work, steering and suspension.

“We give them quality work for a reasonable price,” Scott said.

Scott’s Auto Repair also offers custom lift kits, said Scott, adding that he thinks the business stays so busy because “we’re honest” and “we don’t try to advantage of anybody. We keep our word.”

Scott enjoys this type of work, saying, “I like talking to the customers. I’ve always enjoyed mechanic work ever since I was little. We fooled with racecars and stuff when I was little. I’ve always enjoyed it.”

Scott’s Auto Repair has repeat customers and a good word-of-mouth reputation, he said.

In their spare time, Scott and Brently enjoy dirt drag racing four-wheel drive trucks as a hobby. They race in Grenada, Kizer Bottom in Union County and Lafayette Springs.

Some of their trophies are on display in the waiting area at Scott’s Auto Repair. But he has more than 200 trophies at his house. He has been racing for about 20 years and goes about 300 feet in 3.9 seconds. In the races he drives a 1985 Chevy Blazer and said it’s a lot of fun.

Scott would like to say “thanks to all my customers,” and said the business is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Scott’s Auto repair can be reached at 662-538-0405.

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