Simply Southern Soaperie

Simply Southern Soaperie Manager Cateena Childers, left, and owner Sheila Childers Bynum say the business offers high quality soap products.

Simply Southern Soaperie in downtown New Albany has big plans for the new year.

The business hopes to start franchising this year so more Simply Southern Soaperies can open in other locations.

Simply Southern Soaperie is located at 112 N. Railroad Ave. and keeps growing, said Manager Cateena Childers, who makes the soaps.

Owner Sheila Childers Bynum says the business continues to succeed because of the quality of the products.

Cateena agreed, saying, “We use quality ingredients, quality materials. Our products just speak for themselves.”

Natural ingredients such as organic coconut, shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil and olive oil are used to make the soaps.

“We use organic and unrefined products, so you’re getting the best quality and at a reasonable price,” Cateena said.

The soaps are pure and not filled with manmade chemicals, Cateena noted.

“When you have stuff at its purest form and state, you’ve got great products,” she added.

In the end, it’s a product that people enjoy, she said. And Simply Southern Soaperie does not “skimp” on the fragrance, said Sheila.

The soaps at Simply Southern Soaperie nourish the skin and make people feel better, said Cateena.

“They leave you feeling moisturized,” she said.

People with sensitive skin can especially benefit from using natural soaps.

The organic soaps don’t dry out the skin or leave people with a sticky feeling, Cateena said.

Simply Southern Soaperie typically has about 130 different kinds of bar soap in the store. There are soaps for men, women and children.

The soaps are attractively designed and have different scents and names. Some of the different soap names include Cary Grant, Southern Magnolia, Going to the Chapel, Butterfly Kisses, Birthday Cake and Oh Baby.

The children's line of soaps includes soap crayons and soaps shaped like animals.

In addition to bar soap, Simply Southern Soaperie carries many other products, such as scented and unscented detergent. For instance, one detergent has pure coconut, and it does not require the use of a fabric softener.

Bubble bath, beard oil and shea scrubs are other products available at Simply Southern Soaperie. The shea scrubs, which include organic shea and grapeseed oil, can moisturize the skin and provide a gentle exfoliation.

Customers are welcome to test out products in the store, and there are also samples of bar soaps that people can take home.

Lip balm, moisturizing lotions in different scents, body scrubs and whipped sugar soaps are also for sale at Simply Southern Soaperie. The whipped sugar soaps cleanse and exfoliate and leave the skin soft and smooth.

If Simply Southern Soaperie does not offer a particular scent that a customer is looking for, the business will be glad to make it. For those who do not want a color or scent in their soap, there is a basic shea bar.

The business also offers other products such as soap savers, which help soaps last longer. Soy candles, pottery, talcum-free powder, bath bombs, shower steamers and shower oils are also available.

The pleasant-smelling bath bombs contain oil to condition the skin, and they relax and soothe the body.

There is also an essential oils section in the store with products containing ingredients such tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint.

Other products at Simply Southern Soaperie include facial bars, facial toners, customized epsom salts and pet cleansing products.

 “We do have a lot of products, and we’re adding products,” Cateena said. “We’re coming out with new products this year.”

There is also a designer line of soap that smells like various perfumes, such as Chanel No. 5.

Soap makes a great, inexpensive and thoughtful gift that can be used for a long time, they said.

Cateena encourages people to give Simply Southern Soaperie a try to see if they notice the difference.

The business also offers different soaps to go along with holidays and seasons, such as Valentine’s Day coming up next month. Gift packaging is available.

The business can also be rented out for events such as bridal parties, church activities or birthday parties.

Simply Southern Soaperie is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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