Tallahatchie Nutrition in downtown New Albany has been open just over a year.

While the business is relatively new, it has many loyal customers who enjoy the nutritious and delicious products.

There are health benefits to the products sold at Tallahatchie Nutrition, said Drew Horn, one of the owners.

“There’s no added sugar to any of it,” Horn said.

Tallahatchie Nutrition offers loaded teas, meal-replacement shakes and just added iced coffees to its extensive menu.

The business has four owners and they all live in New Albany –Horn and his wife Mallory along with Ashly and Robin Perkins.

“It’s been going really well,” said Horn. “We’ve stayed really busy.”

The loaded teas have 24 calories, no sugar and about as much caffeine as two cups of coffee.

Meal replacement shakes have anywhere from 24 to 28 grams of protein, 200-250 calories, 10-14 grams of carbohydrates and no added sugar. Some of the shakes include fruit, such as strawberries, peaches, bananas and blueberries.

The menu also includes an iced protein coffee. It has about as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee plus you get 20 grams of protein with it. It’s blended and poured over ice and can be served with sugar-free whip cream, chocolate or caramel syrup.

There are over 200 flavors of teas available at Tallahatchie Nutrition. In fact, there are so many flavors of teas that they had to be put in a spreadsheet and alphabetized. Rebel Yell and Bulldog Blast are popular flavors of teas. There are also teas named after schools in the county, such as Fighting Falcon and Mighty Myrtle.

The loaded teas have B6 and B12 vitamins, and they come with black, green and oolong tea. The teas come with an effervescent called Liftoff that provides an extra boost.

Tallahatchie Nutrition is about to begin offering caffeine shots that come in pomegranate, lime, tropical and orange flavors.

There is also a doughnut hole shot at Tallahatchie Nutrition, and it includes a product called Prolessa along with a sugar-free chocolate chip cookie dough syrup. It can be added to a shake as well, and it tastes like a powdered doughnut.

“That’s going to help control your hunger and burn belly fat,” Horn said.

Meal replacement shakes at Tallahatchie Nutrition come in about 75 different flavors, such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Butterfinger and Fruity Pebbles. The Bahama Breeze flavor is probably the closest to a fruit smoothie because it has blueberries, strawberries and bananas in it.

The meal replacement shakes come with a protein powder and a flavored meal replacement. They can serve as someone’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. For those who may be reluctant to have a shake for a meal, Horn said, “Just come in and try it,” adding that it will fill you up.

Kids teas, with names such as Superman and Little Mermaid, are available as well. There are also about 20 different flavors of iced coffees at Tallahatchie Nutrition.

The specialty and beauty lines of teas are popular, and they have added collagen, protein and biotin for hair, skin and nails.

“The beauty line teas have been very popular,” Horn said. “That can be added to any tea.”

Tallahatchie Nutrition also offers an entire line of Herbalife products, such as protein bars, face care and beauty regimen.

Those who buy a tea and shake combo get $1 off each one. And customers who check in on Facebook while they are at Tallahatchie Nutrition can get a tea and shake combo for a special price.

Most of the customers at Tallahatchie Nutrition come for the loaded teas, said Horn. Customers may get a tea in the morning instead of drinking coffee. He said he thinks the teas provide more of a “sustained energy.”

“It’s going to stretch it out,” Horn said, adding that he does not have an energy crash after drinking the teas.

A lot of people come to Tallahatchie Nutrition for a pick-me-up to start the day or to get through the end of the day, he said.

Horn said he is “absolutely” glad he and the other owners decided to open Tallahatchie Nutrition in New Albany.

“We have been very blessed with this store,” he said. “Our workers are top notch. The customer base has been very loyal to us.”

The products sold at Tallahatchie Nutrition taste good and make a person feel good as well, which is why people come back for more, he added.

“New Albany and Union County have definitely supported us,” Horn said.

The teas have four carbs at most, and the shakes have 10-14 carbs depending on whether they have fruit in them. There is also a cookies and cream flavor shake that tastes like an Oreo shake and has less than 10 carbs. The products are also very Keto diet friendly.

Horn loves doing this type of work, especially interacting with the people and building relationships with the people in New Albany and Union County. The business has a lot of repeat customers.

The loaded teas are 32 ounces, and the shakes and kids drinks are 16 ounces.

Tallahatchie Nutrition is located at 111 A. W. Main St. and can be reached at 662-598-2017.

Customer service is the most important thing for Tallahatchie Nutrition, Horn said, adding, “Just come give us a try, and I promise one sip and you’ll be hooked.”

It is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and most Sundays from 1-4 p.m.

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