Union Appliance & Furniture in downtown New Albany has been in business nearly 50 years.

The business, which is located at 101 W. Main St., has furniture and appliances for all rooms in a house.

“We sell near about everything when it comes to furniture and appliances,” assistant manager Ed Bender said.

Union Appliance & Furniture is a family business owned by Travis Wiseman. His dad, Billy Wiseman, owned it before he did.

The business is made up of good, honest people who want to serve the people of New Albany and the surrounding areas, Bender said.

“We pride ourselves on great customer service and doing everything we can for the customers,” Bender said. “We’ve been here for almost 50 years.”

Free delivery within the city limits and even some places outside the city limits is offered at Union Appliance & Furniture. Free installation is also available.

“We try to have the lowest prices in town,” Bender said. “Right now, we’re in the middle of our Super Summer Sale. We have a lot of things marked down. We try to have good prices and compete.”

Most of the bedding is on sale, and a lot of the living room and bedroom sets are on sale also.

Once the weather cools off, Union Appliance & Furniture will begin its fall clearance sale.

The business wants to provide people with what they need at a price they can afford.

The merchandise sold at Union Furniture & Appliance is high quality, Bender added. Many different furniture brands are offered at the business, including Ashley, HomeStretch and Lane. Bedding from Serta and Jamison is offered, and the appliances are from Whirlpool.

“We try to have the absolute best quality furniture in our store because that’s what we would want to use, and that’s what we want our customers to use,” Bender said. “We try to only have the best quality of merchandise. We pride ourselves on good quality.”

A range of styles from traditional to contemporary is available as well. Bender noted that every customer is different so the business tries to offer something for everyone.

The business has a large selection in the store, and even more merchandise is available through its catalogue.

“We have a big digital catalogue that we can order from,” Bender said.

The business’ website is unionappliance.com. What customers see inside the business is only a fraction of what is actually available.

The business has been staying very busy and has many repeat customers.

“We have been extremely busy here recently, especially when the stimulus checks came in,” said Bender. “Most of our financing we do right here in store. We have a lot of loyal customers, and we’re appreciative of all of them.”

Layaway is also available.

He noted that a lot of people wanted to redo a room in their home during the coronavirus.

Livingroom furniture, including couches, recliners and love seats, are available at the business, which also sells end tables, dining room tables, lamps and coffee tables. Some of the couches and love seats recline, and almost all of the sofas are covered in 100 percent polyester. There are some leather pieces as well.

Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners and vent hoods are also sold at Union Appliance & Furniture as well as Samsung Smart TVs and TV stands.

In terms of bedding, Union Appliance & Furniture sells mattresses, box springs, mattress covers, sheets and pillows. Head boards, foot boards, dressers, night stands, mirrors, rugs and chest of drawers are available as well.

Union Appliance & Furniture can be reached at 534-6300.

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