Current wastewater treatment plant location

Current wastewater treatment plant location

The City of New Albany is moving toward a much-needed expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment plant and about to improve the aesthetics of the area around the Park Along the River and BNA Bank Park at the same time.

This past week light, gas and water manager Bill Mattox got permission to issue combined water and sewer revenue bonds in the amount of $7,886,000.

This is to move the city’s present wastewater treatment plant off Chickasaw Drive to a 92-acre area north of the city and expand its capability at the same time. 

The entire project will cost an estimated $15 million with about $7 million coming from a grant and the remainder from interim loan financing.

Mayor Tim Kent said because of the bureacracy they probably won’t be able to take bids for at least six months and, once awarded, construction of the new facility will take 18 months to two years.

He said rehabilitating the old present facility would cost at least $5 million and the city likely would have to expand it soon at even greater cost.

The present facility will be replaced by a large pump that will send wastewater to the new plant and this should almost completely eradicate any odor problem the plant has now.

Once the present plant is decommissioned the remaining sludge and material will have to be trucked to a special site. Kent said there has been no real discussion as to what the area might possibly be used for in coming years.

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