Union County residents who had a change in their homestead during 2019 have just a few more weeks to file for an exemption on their 2020 income taxes.

The Union County Tax assessor’s office is now accepting applications for homestead exemptions and personal property renditions through April 1.

Although homestead exemptions can provide significant tax breaks, they generally only apply to single-family owner-occupied dwellings. In some cases, joint owners could receive a partial exemption.

Those who received the exemption in 2019 and who have not had a change of residence or status don’t need to seek a new exemption.

Residents who are new home owners, turned 65, have become disabled, divorced, widowed, remarried, moved residence, or have had any type of deed change in 2019, must come by the Tax Assessor’s office to make the necessary changes.

Also, anyone who owns a business needs to file his or her personal property rendition before April 1 to avoid a 10-percent penalty, which is added to the tax statement if not received before the deadline.”

Homestead exemption gives a 10-percent assessment on the value of a home in contrast to the 15-percent assessment placed on most other real property.

Additionally, up to $300 can be taken off the top of a qualifying homeowners tax bill. Qualifying homeowners who have turned 65 or who are certified as disabled pay no property taxes on the first $75,000 value of their home.

Failing to apply for the exemption before March 29 eliminates access to the exemption until the following year.

Anyone with questions may contact the tax assessor’s office at 662-534-1972.

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