Pending a review by the election commission, the Town of Myrtle may have found its newest alderman.

Only one candidate, Teresa Smith, had submitted paperwork to run for the alderman seat vacated by Lisa Cook in August.

Cook, who also served as Myrtle’s vice mayor, resigned from the board to accept the job of Myrtle’s town clerk. She replaces Jan Musgrove in the position.

According to Micheal Canerdy, Myrtle’s mayor, the election commission is expected to review Smith’s petition to run for the office by the end of the week. If her petition should be approved, Myrtle’s judge Chris Childers would swear her into office at the next court date. She would then begin serving on the board in October.

Candidates for office in Myrtle are required to have a valid Myrtle address and also get 15 signatures from their fellow Myrtle residents who are registered voters.

Should the commission not approve Smith’s petition, the board of aldermen would need to set another special election date and deadline for qualification, which must be 20 days prior to the special election.

This vacancy of an alderman seat is the fourth one the Town of Myrtle has had to fill in the span of a year.  Aldermen Mack McDonald and Cynthia Parks were elected July 17, 2019 to fill two vacancies on the board, following the resignations of two board members in June and Sean Wiginton was elected Oct. 30 to replace a third board member.

According to Myrtle Mayor Micheal Canerdy, the board selected Alderman Dustin Rasberry to serve as vice mayor.

With Cook’s appointment as town clerk, Canerdy said the town hall is now open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, to serve the public.

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