Dennis Clayton

Friday night I hit the highways for my first road game of the football season as I journeyed down to Amory to cover my New Albany Bulldogs as they squared off against the Panthers. 

I originally had other game plans, but this was too big of a contest for no one from our community newspaper group to not cover, so in midweek, I offered my services to be the man on the scene for our coverage in three publications - the New Albany Gazette, Monroe Journal and Daily Journal. 

New Albany had a really good game by several players, but their offensive and defensive lines really dominated most of the night and they helped the Bulldogs to the 31-10 win.

Since this was my first road game, I had missed seeing all the traffic that lines the highways and interstate as lots and lots of teams are going to their Friday games. 

Going to the games and coming back home from them, I see a host of buses with their blinking lights as they transport the players and it's really just another part of the pageantry that is involved with the game of prep football. 

Sure, our other sports travel and there will be a good many buses on the road, but nothing compares to the traffic that is involved with football. This year is even down a bit because most schools do not have their bands going to road games. They usually travel in packs of 3 to 5 buses in many cases plus a bob truck and/or trailer.

That's just another uniqueness to high school football, there's a LOT of buses hitting the road for away games and most teams have a pretty good following of fans as well. 

"Because of the Corona", as our granddaughter Liz likes to use the term, there are way less fans on the roads too with 25 percent attendance or two per player or buy one get one free or whatever the catchphrase is now with the State of Mississippi. (Don't even get me started on the masks again)

Anyway, even though it was a bit of a trip, it was really great to see that football is back, the teams are back, the faithful fans are back and it is evident by the traffic that you see on a given Friday night. 

There is nothing and I mean nothing like Friday night football in Mississippi and this comes from a dad of a soccer coach. We did have all three sons play football as well as soccer in high school, but football is the king of Friday  nights. Just follow the revenue.

It was true back then, it is today and I suspect it will always be.  

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