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This week's feature for our sports is a fishing story by Kevin Tate, a weekly contributor to the Daily Journal of hunting and fishing articles. Since I no longer fish, I thought it would be best to use a story by an expert outdoorsman that actually does. 

You can read Kevin's articles in the Daily Journal in print and online in the Friday editions as well as being able to catch up on the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries fishing reports from various public lakes across the state of Mississippi. For all you avid fishermen, I heartily recommend giving that edition of the paper a look. 

I did grow up fishing a lot, we had stock ponds that had fish in them and had an abundance of fish in what we called "the big pond" on our dairy farm. 

Our family spent some fun times together as we fished mostly for bream and our second fish of choice was bass. I was more of a bream fisherman while my Daddy leaned more to the bass side of things. 

My Aunt Bessie and Uncle Troyce were regulars at the pond when the bream were bedding up in the willows during the spring and they would always stop by the house to see if I wanted to go with them. If I didn't have some work to do, most of the time I would go with them and we had some family great experiences while making a pretty good haul in the fishing department too. I am forever grateful to have had relatives that included me in their leisure activities and will always have fond memories of those days we enjoyed together. 

To me, that's one of the great things about fishing, lots a families spend quality time together relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors while putting the rat race and pressures of the working world behind them for a few hours. 

As I stated earlier, we had a LOT of fish in our pond and my parents allowed the public to come and fish. They charged 25 cents per person for a half day and I think it was 50 cents should you want to stay all day.

The really neat thing about this was that many of our regulars came and fished as a family. I can remember on person telling me years later that he would come fish at our pond and would bring his parents. They had a great time together and enjoyed the opportunity to be outside and fish. 

It is such a blessing that because of my parents, so many people got to come together and enjoy the outdoors while casting a hook on our farm. They were able to contribute to the memories those families were able to enjoy. 

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