Independence Day, 4th of July, whatever you call your holiday, one thing for sure, everyone is looking for some way to celebrate.

I made a trip to Starkville on Saturday and at every convenience store and truck stop we passed, I saw campers hook to backs of trucks or trucks hooked to the back of RVs.

Travel trailers and RV’s have become the way to go camping.

Back in the day, we did our share of camping, but we didn’t have a travel trailer or RV, we didn’t even have a pop up camper. We had a tent with an air mattress on the ground. We really moved up to big time when we got cots to sleep on.

There was no air conditioning or bathrooms in the tent. We had to run across the campground to a bathroom and would shower in the shower house. I can’t image doing that now.

We have a travel trailer and it has all the comforts of home. A full bath, a must for me, air conditioning, another must have, a very comfortable queen size bed, a full kitchen, which I really don’t need as bad as the other amenities. I do like the big refrigerator and freezer, rather than working out of a cooler and trying to keep ice on your food.

I don’t have a need for a stove and oven. I enjoy cooking outside on a grill, or I enjoy the men cooking outside on the grill. I do enjoy having a sink to clean up the dishes in.

We have had our travel trailer for just over a year and it has a bunk room on one end and a bedroom on the other. The dinning area has a bed and the sofa lets out into a bed. We have put up to 9 people in the camper and had plenty of room.

We all enjoy hooking to the camper, looking for a lake, and spending time with family.

If you are camping, going to a fireworks show or just enjoying a quiet day, I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.

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