Ingomar recently organized an alumni association that will benefit both athletics and academics according to Booster Club President Darwin Beard. 

"The main idea and reason is to try to help our children at Ingomar," Beard said. I have a passion for helping our children and God laid on my heart a long time ago that one of my main purposes in life was to help people. I have a passion for Ingomar, I graduated from there in 1989.

"We have two goals, one short term goal is to stop having to constantly sell (promotional fund-raising), we may still have to sell some, but this could help stop most of it. Our long term goal is to be able to have enough in funds coming in every year that we can get large enough that we can have an endowment. It will take some years to do that, but if we stay focused, we can do it."

The idea to start the alumni association came into being at the beginning of 2020 around the month of February according to Beard, but the coronavirus ground things to a halt until the summer. 

"We actually put the boots on the ground around August, I guess," Beard said. 

There are four tiers to the charitable part of the association and it is broken down by donation amounts. 

Platinum member - $1,000 

Gold member - $500

Silver member - $250 

Bronze member - $100

Beard also noted that the association will take any contributions less than $100, but this is the breakdown by category to be recognized by tier. 

Currently, the alumni association has around 63 members and Beard welcomes all Ingomar alumni to join with the organization to support the school and its students. The long term goal is to reach 350 in membership. 

For more information regarding the Ingomar Alumni Association, you can read Beard's letter on the Ingomar Basketball Facebook Page and Instagram which details how to join and the various tiers. 

"I am trying to also mail out letters to alumni, but we don't have all the addresses, so we will have some we will miss," Beard said. 

Interested persons can also contact Darwin Beard at 662-488-6683 for information. 

Contributions can be made payable by check to Ingomar School and mailed to Ingomar School at 1384 County Road 101, New Albany, MS 38652. 

There is also a PayPal account by going to: @ibcfalcons. 

"I've been in the Ingomar community my whole life and I know that most people went to Ingomar still love Ingomar, no matter where life has taken them and I'm just asking each and everyone if they would to please contribute," Beard said. "This is not only for the children that are there today, but for the ones that will be there tomorrow and in the future. 

"Back when I was in school, we only had baseball and basketball, now we have 12 sports and that's a lot of sports for a small school like Ingomar. I love athletics and I know everybody at Ingomar does, but the two most important things are the safety of the children and staff along with the education of those children. By being a member and joining this, every child will benefit because we are going to give the school 25 percent of the proceeds up to $25,000 and this will go towards children-staff and education. All children will benefit from this."

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