Dennis Clayton

Dennis Clayton

One of these days this coronavirus will end and I will be the first to admit that I'm ready for it. I realize many people have been affected by it and have been ill themselves, others had family members that came down with it and some have even had to deal with the passing of a loved one. 

Others have seen their businesses hit or perhaps even closed by Covid-19 while all students and faculty have seen significant changes to how the previous school year ended and the fall semester began. My heart goes out to any and all of the above previously mentioned. 

One of the things that I have had to struggle the most with is the mask mandates or decrees or edicts or whatever you want to call them that the state of Mississippi handed down. 

I am a less than enthusiastic mask wearer and have only worn them to get a haircut or cover ballgames. I will make one comment about the mask quality and then move on - not all masks are manufactured equal, so I'm not sold on how well they work. You can take my opinion and a quarter and still not be able to buy anything of significance. 

Now, let's move on to my struggles that I have been encountering with the public masking. And let's move really quickly too since I made that comment above! 

I am getting on up in years and was really struggling with remembering faces when I could see your entire face. As the kids say, the struggle was real! I'm not like the quote by the famous comedian Groucho Marx "I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception." 

I would have people come up to me and talk while I'm standing there the entire time going through my memory files, furiously attempting to recall their name. Ugh, that is so embarrassing to have to ask someone who they are, so I normally punt and try to ask someone nearby who the person was. 

Now, I am totally confounded by people wearing masks, I mean seriously folks, I did not spend our previous meetings and conversations studying the color of your eyes and what your forehead looked like. 

I sincerely apologize if you have beautiful eyes and a knockout frontal portion of your head, I just wasn't dropping those files into my memory bank because I never knew that I would need them. 

Even now, I am more prone to look at your mask than I am to look at your eyes and head, sorry I cannot help it. It's especially tough with some of the masks that I have seen, some border on either bizarre or hilarious. 

Another thing that is a challenge with the mask is the fact that I don't hear quite as well as I used to or maybe I ignore people talking to me more than I used to, it's a thin line, I know. Anyway, I tend to look at your lips and mouth to help me to translate the conversation and now that's out the door with the mask deal. Again, I am struggling with that as well, I mean really.

I look forward to the day when we can all go back to going about our work and leisure without the masks, I miss seeing all my friends and ballgame sidekicks' faces. Hopefully it won't be too long. 

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