ELLISTOWN - Todd Lott will make his way to the eastern side of Union County this fall as he takes over the head coaching duties of East Union football. Lott comes to the Urchins after spending the past two seasons as Athletic Director and assistant football coach at New Albany.

"I've got a lot of respect for the school (East Union) itself, the administration and the staff that is there and it was a great opportunity to be in a special place," Lott said. "I thought their kids always played hard and they played tough.

Lott has previous head coaching stops at Washington School (Greenville), Greenville High School, Mississippi Delta Community College and St. Joe-Madison. 

Lott has some familiarity with Division 2A football from his days of coaching at St. Joe-Madison although it was in the south part of the division.

"The first time that I heard of East Union was when we played them in baseball at the state championship," Lott said. "I had a lot of respect for them then, the way that their kids played and for the program itself.

Lott has also coached some notable players that played Division 1 football at his previous coaching stops including Geri Green and Traver Jung (Mississippi State), Nick Thompson (South Alabama), Tyler Brown (Louisiana-Lafayette) and Kiland Harrison (Tulane) just to name a few. 

He has seen many of his players go on to success in the Division 2 and community college football ranks. 

Lott is facing a lot of uncertainty with the move, but most of it can be attributed to the current coronavirus situation and not knowing when he will be able to meet his players plus when they will finally be able to practice and work out. 

"The biggest thing that I'm looking forward to is just being able to meet the kids, putting a name with a face and getting to know the kids and developing a relationship with them," Lott said. "I've talked to some of them on the phone and that's the thing that I'm most anxious about. The fun part of the job is being able to work with the kids everyday.

"Hopefully that day will be around the first of June, but I'm just trying to make plans either way."

East Union competes in Division 1-2A with Walnut, Potts Camp, Strayhorn and Mantachie. The Urchins have won the division title the past two seasons. 

Lott shared his philosophy for his offense and defense for the coming season and what to expect from the Urchins when they do hit the field this fall.

"There are some basic principles on both sides of the ball that we are going to adhere to," he said. "Offensively, we will be multiple and based on some concepts we will be able to do certain things out of a lot of different formations. 

"Defensively, we will basically be the same way, we will be a 3-3-5 team, I'm a big believer in it and there's so many things that you can do out of that. You just have to base it on your personnel as to what it will look like on the field."

Lott is anxiously anticipating the coming season and cannot wait to hit the ground running with the Urchins.

"I'm super excited for myself and my family," Lott said. "New Albany was really, really good to me and it's a special place to me. I appreciate all they did to help me out and spend some time there.

"At the end of the day, I just enjoy being a head football coach and I'm very appreciative of that opportunity and I'm looking forward to it. These are crazy times today (pandemic) and it's hard to find a starting point because you don't know when you're going to be starting.

Lott replaces Kevin Walton, who recently left the Urchins to accept an assistant position with Coach Ron Price at East Webster. 

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