We have definitely been experiencing some difficult and drastic times over the past couple of weeks and probably will for a few more. 

Sports on all levels - high school, community college, college and professional are indefinitely suspended, postponed or canceled, so we will be taking a different approach for the time being. 

Beginning with this week's paper, we will only publish one section and will continue with that process for as long as necessary. This is being done at all the weekly newspapers in our Community Newspaper Group and is not just original with the New Albany Gazette. 

We will continue to offer our photo pages and for the next few issues, we will use that space to recognize our all-division athletes of our winter sports season. 

I would like to ask our readers that if you took some photos of any athletic events for the 2019-20 season, please share a few with us if you would like. After I finish running the all-division photos, then we can share what you sent us along with our inventory of hundreds and hundreds of sports pictures.

Another direction that we will pursue will be to write one or two features weekly for our print and e-edition where we will share stories about various athletes, coaches, teams, schools and what they are experiencing today versus what their hope and aspirations were at the beginning of the season. 

We're not here in the sports department to tell you what you should be doing, how you should be preparing or who you should be listening to. It's our obligation to present stories that show how our fellow Union Countians are continuing to live their lives without organized sports activities and hope that these will be a source of entertainment and encouragement. 

We live in a great country, a great state and a great community, so it's my desire that our sports features in the coming days will strengthen our resolve to pull through these difficult times together as a team. 

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