I went into this summer with good intentions of making more sports events and writing more copy for the paper and online, but unfortunately for me, that went to the wayside or perhaps better phrased "into the ditch."

Last year a back injury and a severe case of sciatica sidelined me for the entire summer sports scene as I went on the injured reserve in May and did not return to the physically able to perform roster until mid-July. I was released by my physical therapist just in time to begin the long process of working on the Fall Sports Preview. I spent the summer sitting at my desk with a lot of aches and pains. 

So, this year I promised myself that I would attempt to stay healthy and get back out there to cover the summer baseball, football, soccer and basketball games that crowd the days during the month of June. I managed to stay healthy, but haven't been available to cover much due to the other part of my work that pertains to advertising and the day-to-day things around the office.

We are going to a new advertising system that will make it so much easier on all of us, at least that's what we were told anyway. Hey, I'm 61 now and nothing comes easy for me any longer. 

I'm sure that most of our other Journal Inc. employees that are tech-savvy have already discovered the workings of system and can probably claim to be masters of the ad entry. 

However, I'm getting beaten to death by it and keep asking myself "Am I EVER going to get the hang of this or it going to hang me upside down by the ankles?"

All I can do is go by what my illustrious associate publisher and system super user tells me and that is "You're going to get this one day and you will only do 3-4 clicks and you're done." (Don't tell her, but I'm about done right now, this thing has gotten on top of me and won't get off)

Since I missed most of the summer activity, I now can look forward to the kickoff of football season which is now only eight weeks away. Maybe by then I can get back after my first passion with the paper which is covering area prep sports. Just maybe. 

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