I have lived my entire life in amazement at the power of a seed. I mean seriously, you plant one seed, cover it with dirt, make sure you water it and then something that is nothing short of miraculous happens.

My favorite pastime when I'm not covering sports is to pour over seed catalogs whether in print or online. I just cannot get enough of reading and studying about seed, mainly I focus on flowers in my research, but vegetables are interesting too.

My fascination with seed is not something that I just happened to stumble upon in my later years in life, I have had this interest and awe of the seed for most of my 62 years on this earth. 

I have always been around the dirt and the seed, whether it be in a vegetable garden, flower garden, sowing grass for winter or summer grazing on our family farm or planting a field for hay. The two constants in my life have been the soil and the seed, but I am still in total amazement of the dunamis (Greek) or power of a seed. 

Take corn for instance, one seed is responsible for at least one ear or most cases more and that one ear will have roughly 800 kernels. 

Around our house, we love purple hull peas and it is estimated that one pod will average 11 peas and if you've ever picked peas in your life, you know all too well that one plant is LOADED with lots and lots pods of peas. It's just a given.

How does this multiplication take place? I am bewildered by the awesome power of the seed.

I enjoy growing flowers, I cannot really explain why, I think some of it is hereditary from my mother, but I think it's also got to have something to do with my preoccupation with THE SEED. 

Before I go any further, let me chase a rabbit for one moment and tell all my friends and neighbors plus any passersby that drive by our house during the summer, yes I will have my flowers this year! Many have asked, many have hoped and we will definitely have flowers and lots of them.

I will have flowers in the yard, by the mailbox, on both sides of my driveway, along the side of the road, on the ditch bank, in raised beds, in old livestock watering tanks, we will have a plethora of flowers and most of them will be the mighty zinnia.

The mighty zinnia is another seed that just truly amazes me because I plant three seeds per spot, spacing them every nine inches and I get blooms and blooms and more blooms. We use them for cut flower arrangements in our home, I carry them to the office, give them to relatives and I even save seed to replant for the next season. I never run out of seed.

Have you ever pulled the seeds out of one zinnia spent bloom? Loads of seed and I still cannot fathom how it all happens. 

This one thing I do know, there is power in a seed and although I don't understand quite how it all works, I believe in it. 

The Apostle Paul said it well in 2 Corinthians 9:6 - "Now I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."

May we all go forth during this uncertain time sowing bountifully and investing in the lives of others so that we may be a blessing. 

You see, we also have the power like unto the seed in us, we just need to nurture it and allow it to bring forth fruit in and through us.

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