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New Albany

New Albany Schools Twitter social media account issued a press release on Monday, July 20, regarding a positive Covid-19 case that had been confirmed within multiple athletic teams/groups. Below is the official press release by New Albany Schools:

"During these unprecedented times, NASD continues to work diligently to protect our staff and students. We have been made aware of a positive COVID-19 case within our athletic groups. The families of those in close contact with this student athlete have been contacted. In following MSDH guidelines because of close contact and to prevent further spread, we are suspending workouts and practices for high school/middle school football, high school/middle school basketball and high school baseball through July 30. According to these guidelines, the student athletes in these sports are recommended to quarantine and monitor symptoms of COVID-19 until July 30 and see a doctor for testing if symptoms occur. A current list of symptoms can be found on our school website (click the COVID Updates link). Please report any COVID-19 testing results of students to our Health Services Coordinator at 662-534-1800." 

Additional clarification statement

"Workouts and practices for the following athletic groups have been suspended through July 30: Middle/High school football; Middle/High school basketball and High School baseball.

If there is a student athlete who has participated in one or more of these athletic groups since July 13, it is recommended that individual quarantine for 14 days. 

Additionally, any student athlete who participated with one or more of these groups since July 13 will not be allowed to participate in any high school sponsored event through July 30."

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