Sales Tax Free Shopping

Regina Hall, left, and Erin Verrell shop at The Bead Shack Kids in downtown New Albany on Friday during the sales tax free weekend.

NEW ALBANY • New Albany shoppers were hitting the stores Friday morning as the sales tax free weekend started across the state.

Shoppers can make certain purchases through the end of the day Saturday without having to pay sales tax.

The sales tax free weekend motivated Regina Hall to go clothes shopping for her grandchildren Friday at The Bead Shack Kids on Bankhead Street in downtown New Albany.

“Any savings is a good thing,” said Hall.

She has grandchildren now, but there was no tax free weekend when her children were younger.

“It would have been a great thing at that time, so now I'm glad that my children are able to have that for their kids,” she said.

Eligible items during the sales tax free weekend include clothing, footwear and school supplies, but the price of a single item must be less than $100.

Tommy Sappington, owner of Sappington's on Bankhead Street in New Albany, said, “Generally, it's a very busy weekend.”

People always save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of the sales tax free weekend, he noted. Sappington's is also offering additional sales on top of the sales tax savings.

Sappington's, which sells men's and women's clothing, has been open in New Albany for 63 years. He has been working there off and on since he was 14 years old.

“Hopefully, we'll generate some sales and hang in there a few more years,” Sappington said.

Kelley Brunetti, owner of The Bead Shack and The Bead Shack Kids in downtown New Albany, also thinks the sales tax free weekend will generate some extra business for her store. She said some people were in the store the day before and planned to come back Friday to take advantage of the savings.

The Bead Shack Kids sells children's clothes, shoes, toys and also offers baby registries. Brunetti hopes parents will come to the store during the sales tax free weekend for back-to-school shopping. She added, “We have some huge sales going on.”

Brunetti loves doing business in downtown New Albany, saying it is a really nice walking environment for shoppers. But she noted that times are changing and people are doing more online shopping. She encourages people to shop locally to keep small businesses alive.

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