Aimee Miller

Aimee Miller

A Northeast Mississippi Community College student from Blue Springs placed in the college’s annual creative writing competition hosted by the Tyger Symmetry organization on campus. 

Aimee Miller, who graduated from Northeast in December, won in several categories.

“I was surprised,” Miller said. “I didn’t expect to win as many as I did.”

Miller is a graduate of East Union Attendance Center and is currently a student at the University of North Alabama studying to be an art educator.

She won second place in the poetry category for “Nameless Statistic: A Villanelle” and honorable mention for “The Fall.”

“Nameless Statistic” originally started out with Miller accepting that she was part of the LGBT community.

“I wanted to kind of write about that and my experience,” Miller said. “But I decided later on to make it more open to everyone who experiences discrimination about different things.”

“The Fall” is a poem about an angel falling in love with a human. The angel falls from heaven to Earth for the human.

Miller also won second place for “Survive” in the short fiction category. “Survive” is a zombie apocalypse story, and the main character has to learn how to live in a new world. The main character is held hostage in a small school and has to fight to get out.

In addition, Miller placed second in the drama category for “Alora’s Immortal,” which is about elves and magic. The main character’s grandfather wants to take over Alora.

First and second place winners in each of the categories — poetry, literary essay, non-fiction, short fiction and drama — advance to the Mississippi Community College Creative Writing Association’s state competition on behalf of the college.

All winners in the local contest will be published in the college’s Tyger Symmetry online journal at 

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