By Loretta Easley

 A cheery hello on this windy Friday morning. It is almost time for us to vote in the upcoming election on March 8. It is very important that everyone exercise his God-given right. We want to send as many delegates as possible to the National Convention and the only way we can do that is to vote. There are 41 Democrat and 40 Republican delegates in Mississippi.

Sympathy and best wishes go this week to Margaret Davis and family due to the death of their loved one Andy Davis, Sr. He and Margaret were long-time members of North Side Baptist Church. He was buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon my brother John Chunn called to see if I would ride to Memphis on Wednesday morning to the V. A. Hospital. Of course I was glad to be with him and enjoy the day. Those milkshakes at Southaven were wonderful. You must try one sometime.

Superintendent Jackie Ford and other school personnel are studying ways for a better and safer school. So many schools nowadays are experiencing bomb threats which is very disturbing to parents as well as students. The community is behind you, so keep up the good work. Mr. Ford is the son of Mrs. Vera Ford at Dry Creek who receives the Gazette every week. A special hello to her.

Dean and Mary Ruth Weeden haven’t been able to visit here for several months because of health problems. Here’s hoping they are feeling much better and can visit soon.

Hello to a dear friend, Hattie Lee Hall. Hattie is battling some health problems. I sure hope she is feeling much better by the time she reads this.

Nannie Lee Coker is recuperating nicely at home after her bout with pneumonia and several days at Baptist Hospital Union County, New Albany. She is still very weak. Please pray always for all who are sick.

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