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Union County Library System Director Sissy Bullock holds one of the mobile hotspots that will be checked out through the library’s new program, which aims to help people who do not have quality Internet access at home.

The Union County Library System wants to help people who have trouble accessing the Internet at home.

The library will soon start a mobile hotspot checkout program, said Union County Library System Director Sissy Bullock.

Mobile hotspots are devices that allow people to connect to the Internet from different locations.

Bullock said she wants the program to reach as many people as possible. Some library patrons do not have access to quality Internet at home, she noted.

“We're hoping that this will boost their Internet capability at their house,” Bullock said.

She noted that some people cannot afford to pay for Internet at home, and this program will help them.

The library received five hotspots that can be checked out at no cost. The Internet that will be provided through the mobile hotspots is paid for by the library, she added.

If the trial program works well, it may be expanded in the future.

“We just want to provide that for our patrons,” Bullock said.

She hopes the program will help children and adults who need Internet access. For instance, it could work well for a child who needs to do a school project at home.

The mobile hotspots should also block inappropriate content. Bullock hopes the mobile hotspots can start being checked out Sept. 3.

It is important to try new, innovative ideas to keep moving forward, Bullock said.

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