The Union County Board of Supervisors Monday took the next step toward making water available to a part of the community whose resources are diminishing.

They approved a memorandum of agreement with the City of New Albany to management and maintain a waster system on Hwy. 348 they hope to be funded by a $600,000 Community Development Block Grant.

Supervisor Randy Owen, whose district includes the area, said about 34 families will be helped by the system. They live in the area generally atop what is known as Buncombe Hill between Mound City and Ellistown.

Owen said the New Albany system stops at Mound City and the Blue Springs system approaches from the east but no one has undertaken laying lines and pumping the water uphill to these homes. Owen said homeowners have wells – sometimes as many as three – but they are playing out and drilling companies are no longer interested because they would have to drill through the hill first and then down to the water table, making it likely they will lose money.

Owen said there is a lot of competition for this grant money but the board members are hopeful they will get it.

The memorandum of agreement would also have to be approved by New Albany aldermen but that was expected to happen at their May meeting Tuesday night.

In other business at their meeting Monday, supervisors handled routine first-of-the-month items such as the claims docket, old minutes, the roadwork schedule and adjustments to garbage payments.

They also approved travel for county fire coordinator Steve Coker to attend a meeting in Pearl May 2, emergency management director to attend flood management spring conference in Natchez May 16-18 and membership fees for the Association of Floodplane Managers of Mississippi and the Mississippi Association of County Road Managers. 

They approved a manual check in the amount of $4,416.45 and another in the amount of $509.85 to purchase computer equipment for the tax assessor-collector’s office that is required for use with new state software.

The next scheduled meeting of the Union County Board of Supervisors will be at 10 a.m. Monday, May 15, in the boardroom of the chancery court building.

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