By Loretta Easley

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year any year.  A time to remember all the Christmas’s past and to rejoice in the present.  God has been good to us in the good times and bad times.

Growing up I never remember having Christmas at home.  I had three grandparents, Mama’s Mother and Dad, Dan and Lola Bullock and Daddy had a mama, his dad died before I was born.

Well, anyway, we spent Christmas Eve at granddaddy’s house and Christmas day at Grandma Chunn’s.  The next year we swapped.  We always had lots of fun.

Money was scarce if we got a rubber ball, a doll and some fruit, nuts and candy it made my two brothers and me happy. You see everyone else got about the same thing.  A far cry from today.

I remember those big red apples and oranges.  Grandma Bullock always quartered them and all the grandchildren waded in.  But grandma Chunn never cut hers so we had a whole big apple.  Mama fussed but Grandma always came to our rescue as us grandma’s do today.

One more thing I remember I got a doll, my brothers got a truck each. I guess that was about the best Christmas ever except the time I got a compact with powder.

The raisin cake my Grandma Chunn always cooked was so special and tasty.  There was always plenty to eat at both my grandparents and plenty of love.

The snow on Christmas day was so very beautiful and made my day.  Every Christmas I look forward to a white Christmas. Most time I get disappointed.

Saturday was a big day for my family.  We met at the home of Anne and Rickey Glidewell at Dry Creek in Tippah County.  My brother and wife, John and Mary Chunn of Ripley joined us for dinner.  Ohters present were Dwaine, Paula, Amy, Haley and Will McCullough, Andrew Whitten, Robert, Robbie, Sheyanne and Lauren Frazier, David, Sarah, Jamie Easley and Loretta Easley, Hali Glidewell, Leslie Gildewell and Heath Spencer.

The United Funeral Home Chapel was about packed Tuesday morning for the funeral of M. D. White. We extend our sympathy to Annie Ruth and the family.  Also to Dorothy Purvis in the death of her brother, Bud Dillard who will be buried at Pleasant Hill this Monday.  

Please call me with your news items by noon on Monday.

Billy and Shelby Easley had all their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren home for Christmas on Saturday night.

Junior and Ann Pannell spent Christmas with Larry and Sandra Pannell and family in the Bethlehem Community on Saturday.

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