Learning and Having Fun

Children play the interactive learning game at New Albany Elementary School.

Children were laughing and cheering as they did math problems at New Albany Elementary School on Friday morning.

This was not the typical way to do addition and subtraction.

The second-grade students would throw a ball at the right answer projected on the gym wall.

If they hit the correct answer they would hear a “ding” sound.

The children were exercising their minds and bodies at the same time thanks to new technology at New Albany Elementary School.

Children in grades Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade enjoy the Lu Interactive system and learn a variety of subjects through the fun games. The system features 22 programs and has subjects such as math, English, social studies and science.

“It promotes academics as well as physical movement,” said New Albany Elementary School Principal Gwyn Russell. “It's a lot of fun. They absolutely love it.”

The students play the interactive learning games during physical education class. First the students work through a curriculum that focuses on motor skills and other issues. Then they form groups and play games on the Lu system, which teaches team building, problem solving and physical education.

For instance, they may work on a throwing technique while solving a math problem at the same time.

The students cheer each other on while they play the interactive games, and this “builds a culture of supporting each other,” Russell said. The school wants to develop the whole child and produce students who are quality citizens, she added.

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