NEW ALBANY - New Albany School District Superintendent Lance Evans will look into what it would cost to install artificial turf at the high school football field.

The school board on Monday night gave Evans permission to move forward with looking into the potential cost of putting artificial grass on the field.

Evans said there has been no decision made by the school board to install artificial turf. At this time, he is only investigating what it would cost and putting a plan together.

Evans said the district has to spend a considerable amount of money maintaining the grass surface at the field now. That money could be better utilized, Evans said.

The artificial surface would also be helpful when it rains because the water soaks through it fast due to the drainage system.

Band, soccer, baseball and other activities could also use the artificial surface if it is installed at the football field, said Evans.

He said he plans to get some preliminary figures on what it may cost to install artificial turf at the football stadium and take those numbers back to the school board for review.

Evans said he will also look into possible sponsorships and stadium naming rights to see what kind of money could be generated to help pay for an artificial surface.

It may take a month or two to put a plan together with some cost figures, Evans said.

Once the information is brought back, the school board will have to make a decision in terms of whether to proceed with the plan or not.

Evans noted that the school district is very cost conscientious.

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