Building Collapse

Chase Jeter with the New Albany Park Commission cleans up the building collapse site.

An old building next to the railroad tracks in New Albany collapsed early Tuesday.

Mark Greenwood lives next to the building, and his bed shook when the structure collapsed around 2:30 a.m.

“It shook the ground like an earthquake,” Greenwood said. “It was loud.”

Greenwood said he grew up next to the building, and over the years it has just deteriorated.

The city of New Albany owns the building, which is located next to the Union County Heritage Museum. It used to be a grocery warehouse.

The museum bought the property about a month ago and then deeded it to the city, said museum Director Jill Smith.

“Thank goodness no one got hurt when it fell,” Smith said.

The museum would like to use a portion of the property for parking. The city has been trying to make arrangements to get the building demolished, said Mayor Tim Kent.

The mayor said the roof and floor had rotted and that the building was probably around 100 years old.

It appeared the roof had been leaking, he said.

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