Gennie King stands by some of the items on her property.

A New Albany woman said she is a “hoarder.”

The New Albany Board of Aldermen on Monday gave the woman, Gennie King, 30 days to clean up the property at 500 and 502 Clarke Street.

King said Tuesday she is cleaning up the property, adding, “I’m throwing away a lot of stuff.”

The city will clean it up and charge her for the cost if she fails to address the problem, said Eric Thomas, the city’s code enforcement officer. If she does not pay for the cost of the cleanup, it will be applied to her taxes, said Thomas.

Junk is on the property, and there have been complaints, Thomas said. The property has been a problem for several years and is a reoccurring issue, Thomas added.

But King said she still needs more time to clean up the property. City officials have not been clear in terms of what they want her to do with the property, she added.

“I don’t know what they want because they keep changing stuff,” she said. “I can’t deal with it no more.”

King added, “I’m a hoarder. I’ve got a lot of stuff. I talked to my doctor about it.”

Thomas said the property has an accumulation of rubbish, which can result in possible rodent infestations and fire hazards.

King said she does not have the money to pay someone to clean up the property. She said she needs time to go through her stuff to decide what she wants to keep and throw away.

“I’m really tired of New Albany,” King said. “I am really stressed out.”

Ultimately, she said the city will have to clean up the property and that she doesn’t care if she is charged for the cost.

 “I can’t drag it to the street,” said King. “I’m tired.”

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