Jeffery Knox is running for the position of alderman at large for the city of New Albany as a Republican.

Knox is currently a deputy sheriff for the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Prior to his current job, he was a deputy sheriff for Los Angeles County for 13 years. Knox was also in the Marine Corps for 17 years and served in Iraq and Somalia.

He graduated from W.P. Daniel High School and Northeast Mississippi Community College where he earned an associate of applied science degree. While in the Marine Corps he also attended Michigan State.

He said he has traveled around the world with the Marine Corps and as an ambassador for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“I think I’ve learned a lot about politics,” he said. “I feel like people should vote for me to give me an opportunity to show them that I will work hard for them.”

During his last four years in the Marine Corps, he said he was “in charge of everything top secret and above for the entire West Coast Marine Corps.”

He was also stationed at the White House and met a lot of politicians and “very influential people,” he added. Knox said he has learned a lot about government.

“I haven’t really seen a lot done as far as the city is concerned,” he said. “I think people should vote for me because I’m a hard worker.”

In his position as a Union County deputy sheriff, he said he drives around the city and county a lot. He said there are things that are not being taken care of for the city and the citizens of New Albany.

“New Albany has a great potential to be bigger and better than what it is,” Knox said, adding that New Albany is located on a major thoroughfare with Interstate 22.

“If you notice our roads, we have potholes everywhere and stop signs in places where they shouldn’t be and stoplights need to be in places where they aren’t,” Knox said. “My platform is I want to run for the people of New Albany. I want to make it comfortable for everybody in the city, not just a select few.”

Knox said he wants to give the city employees a raise. The cost of living, including gas and food, is going up, he added.

“Everything is going up except their pay,” he said. “They work the most adverse conditions, and I’ve worked through the most adverse conditions and I understand their plight. They need to be paid for what they do, and they need a pay raise.”

Furthermore, Knox said, “I believe in helping the people of New Albany.” He said he wants to help the entire city.

If there are industries, businesses or restaurants that want to come to New Albany, the city should consider letting them come here as long as they pay their fair share of taxes to bring in revenue, he said.

People traveling on I-22 should want to stop in New Albany, Knox said. “We need more people to get off the freeway, come into New Albany, spend their money . . .,” he said.

But the city has to make it appealing for people to stop here, he noted.

His No. 1 priority is to give the city employees a pay raise. His second priority is to improve the city streets. “Let’s fix the roads,” he said. “We need to beautify the city with new signage.”

Moreover, Knox said he would be accessible to the citizens of New Albany.

“I’ll be reachable 100 percent of the time,” he said. “You can call me. You can text me. You can email me . . ."

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