Many New Albany business owners said Christmas sales were strong this season.

In fact, Keri Stout, owner of Runway Boutique in downtown New Albany, said Christmas sales at her business were probably better than they’ve ever been.

Sales for the year overall were also good, Stout added.

“It’s been a great year,” she said.

Clothing and shoes were popular items at Runway Boutique, including animal prints such as leopard, Stout noted.

Pat Taylor, owner of Between Sisters Boutique & Gifts, said she was “very pleased” with Christmas sales this year. This was the first year for her business to be in downtown New Albany, and she said, “I was just overwhelmed” with the amount of business she got.

Between Sisters sold a variety of merchandise during Christmas, such as pottery, rain boots, fashion jewelry, pajamas, house shoes and more. Moreover, Between Sisters hosted several store events, including a book signing, a jewelry trunk show where jewelry was made on site and a pottery hand print activity.

For the year overall, sales at Between Sisters were better than they have been in three years, Taylor added. She said people come from out of town to New Albany to shop because they love the quaint downtown atmosphere.

Philip Taylor, owner of Antiques on Bankhead, said business was very good during the Christmas shopping season.

“We’ve had a good December,” Taylor said, adding that Christmas sales were better than the prior year.

He said his business offers “unique and different” antique furniture and that chandeliers and lamps were popular.

Sales for the year overall at Antiques on Bankhead were “terrific,” Taylor noted.

“It’s been a good year,” he said.

But Taylor said, “A lot of people are going to spend their money at Walmart.”

Taylor wants to keep his business in the downtown area, saying he gets good foot traffic with about 70 percent of his customers coming from out of town.

Herman Windham, owner of Windham TV & Appliance in downtown New Albany, said Christmas sales at his business were “great, really good.” Windham said it was “the best Christmas we’ve ever had” in 51 years of business. Popular items included refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and air conditioners, Windham noted.

Windham credited the strong economy and President Donald Trump for the strong sales.

“Everybody’s working,” Windham said. “Everybody’s got jobs. Trump’s done a number for us.”

Sales for the year overall were also really good, Windham added.

 “Downtown New Albany looks good, and I think everybody’s busy,” Windham said.

Beverly Hall, owner of Main Street Linen Company, said, “I think we had a great Christmas season. We had great sales during Christmas.”

Hall noted that her business has grown this year and that she appreciates all the people who have shopped at Main Street Linen Company.

“New Albany’s been good to us, so we’re pleased,” Hall said.

She thinks a lot of the downtown activities brought people out to shop. There seemed to be a “steady flow of shoppers locally this year, and I was glad to see that,” she said.

For the year overall, Hall thinks Main Street Linen Company did “very well” for a new business.

“Overall, I think we had a great year,” she said. “I hope 2020 is a lot better.”

The Kendra Scott jewelry line, casual clothes, pajamas and shoes were some of the more popular items at Main Street Linen Company.

Tommy Sappington, owner of T. Sappington & Company on Bankhead Street, said business during the Christmas shopping season was very good and better than he expected.

“It was just a blessing to be as busy as we were,” Sappington said. “Across the board everything sold well.”

Sappington said the holiday shopping season was the best he has seen at his business, which has been open 64 years.

“I was really pleased with it,” said Sappington.

Christmas sales at Two Doors Down were “OK,” said owner Denise Owen. Popular items at Two Doors Down for Christmas were jewelry, sweaters and scripture socks, which have Bible verses on them.

Sweet Paradise Boutique owner Cole Windham said his business was “busy” during the holiday shopping season and that sweaters were popular.

Ginger Evans said Christmas sales were good at Merle Norman Cosmetics in downtown New Albany. Evans said she understands that a lot of people shop online, but she likes to see the customers touch and feel the products and try things on.

“We want to interact with our customers and get to know them,” Evans said, adding that makeup, sweaters and flair jeans were popular items.

April Hardy with 2A Armaments said Christmas sales were great, adding, “It’s our time of the year. We were very, very busy. We were very blessed.”

Christmas sales were “awesome” at Vintage Rose Boutique, said owner Kelsey Phillips.

“We were constantly busy,” Phillips said. “We were blessed beyond all measures.”

Some of the popular items at Vintage Rose included cheetah prints, denim and sweaters, Phillips said. Vintage Rose opened in June, and sales have been great since then, she added.

Chuck Cooper, owner of Van Atkins Jewelers, said Christmas sales were “very strong.”

“December was very good,” Cooper said, adding that he is “expecting a good year in 2020.”

Union Appliance and Furniture also had a great Christmas season, and it was better than expected. Reclining sofas and loveseats, recliners and mattresses sold well during Christmas, said General Manager Lisa Wicker.

Re-Designing Women and R&B Furniture also reported strong Christmas sales.

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